Days 1&2 Colorado

We only have a short time here in Colorado. My entire family lives out here and so it gives us the perfect excuse to pack up and head west. We’ve spent much of the last two days just catching up and planning this weekend. But we’ve also strolled through town to soak up the scenery. 

It’s beautiful here, open space and mountains so high and majestic they give a sense of strength and permanence. There’s a slower pace to the day here. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems people here actually make a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy their time. 

Many of the people take off early on Friday so they can make the most of their weekend. Traffic starts around 3. But you know what? Compared to traffic in New York, the traffic here is like a sneeze. A slight aside and then back to normal. I could get used to this. 

Wherever you look is a breathtaking view. My parents’ house is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Late in the afternoon, a pair of horses and a pair of cows come down from one of the mountains and graze practically in my parents’ backyard. In the wee hours of the morning, elk and deer stroll the gardens. Yes, they damage plants and leave… unwanted ‘gifts’ in unexpected places, but they’re magnificent animals and I’d rather that type of visitor than a raccoon taking over my attic crawl space. :-/

Before I leave here I WILL get a photo of some of these animals. I MUST. If I don’t see them before I leave, I will… just have to come back again. 🙂

Meanwhile, here is the everyday view my parents have from their lovely new home out here in the west – 

And, I have to say, the view from my own little abode in NY is quite different – neighbor’s laundry on the line, phone and electrical wires, etc. – there is nothing quite so unique as what we saw when we left our hotel…

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  • What exactly is that? Is it a shoe car?

    But yeah, as I looked at the pictures and the view I thought about how different it must be for you than what you’re used to in New York. 🙂

  • Oh, what a beautiful place to live. Hope you get some animal pix before you leave.

    Um, that last picture, is that for real? I’ve never seen a stilletto car before. Truly a hoot.


  • Laura,
    It IS a shoe car. LOL. Actually, it said, “Marshalls” on the front bumper, so I’d say it’s rather eye-catching advertising, yes?

    It’s VERY different here. Lovely and confusing at the same time. The roads are wide, there’s little traffic – though there are lots of car – and dogs are welcome just about everywhere. In fact, when you walk through various towns, there are water bowls in front of most shops. How cool is that? This is definitely a pet-friendly state.


  • Linda,
    I’m still waiting for the animal pix. 🙁

    That last photo is indeed for real. I couldn’t believe it either. It’s advertising for Marshalls and I don’t think it’s an advertising campaign I’ll forget anytime soon. Hey… Marshalls… they have shoes, too. 😉


  • Debbie,

    Colorado is beautiful. Not quite as pretty as where I love but close. 🙂 Enjoy the beauty, the wildlife but especially this time to visit your family.


  • Oh my gosh! That shoe car is awesome. I want one!

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