To an outsider, I might be classified as a crazy cat lady since I have six of them in my home – all rescues. To an insider, I’m just an animal lover with cats who has also “adopted” a ‘retired’ lab chimp named Gromeck from Save the Chimps, as well as downed farm animals like cows, pigs, turkeys and more, which have been rescued and given new hope by the amazing people at Farm Sanctuary.  I am also a wife, former homeschooling mother of a college-aged daughter, an avid baker, cake decorator… and author of romantic suspense.

I’m a New Yorker born and bred – with roots in Brooklyn, in case you were wondering – and the sights and sounds of the city and suburbs are what propel my muse into action, helping me create new characters and take them into dark and dangerous territories… only to have them escape by sheer wit and courage.

City Hall Park

For me, it often feels like the world is an arm’s reach away. I can enjoy crashing waves on the shore, crisp pine-scented mountain air, pungent aromas from a plethora of ethnic restaurants, smooth jazz from clubs like the Blue Note, museums, street vendors and, yes, even dirty-water dogs… all without leaving my little piece of the world.

Who could ask for more?


Freddie Mercury

Me, actually.

I’m a Gemini, you see. As such, I’m always eager for yet another experience – to live and to share. So if you visit here often, you’ll read about all the little things that interest me – from all of the above to paranormal investigations to landscape photography, Hudson Valley getaways, Johnny Depp, Freddie Mercury… and plenty more.

Above all, family matters most to me, but in my free time, I engage in the most exciting and fulfilling work there is.

I write.

Yeah. Life is good.




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