Birthdays and Adoptathons!

Every September, the Queens Farm Museum holds their annual Harvest Festival. I have taken Daughter to this festival every year since she was able to walk. For the past four years, she’s invited friends along. Since her birthday is around the same time this is her party. 🙂 Her friends look forward to it almost as much as she does. And to be honest, I look forward to it, too.

This year, the festival will have a double meaning for us. Not only will it be a celebration for Deanna’s birthday with friends she adores, but it will also be a special day for some of our precious shelter cats.

Today, at the Queens Farm Museum, volunteers from A.C.T. (animals can’t talk) animal shelter will be there hosting an adoptathon. (Daughter designed and set up the shelter’s website, btw) It’s a wonderful idea one of our dedicated volunteers came up with and a whole crew of volunteers have offered to help. I cannot wait to see people gravitate toward the adoption table. Our kittens and older cats are so adorable and loving, I don’t know how anyone will be able to resist them.

Of course, there’s a tight screening process potential adoptive parents must endure, but that’s to ensure the safety of our cats. No one will carry a cat away from the farm except the volunteers – back to the shelter. Hopefully, we’ll have names and references and before the week is out, some of these furry babies will pack their belongings and arrive in a happy and loving new home.

What a wonderful birthday gift that would be for Daughter.

That… and a cell phone.

I see it this way… Daughter is now a full fledged teen. A TEEN!!!! She’s been asking for a cell phone for about two years. She’s homeschooled. Hmm. That means she’s around me much of the time. Why on earth would she need a phone? I’m still not clear on the answer to that, but this is a big leap of a birthday and so I relented. It’s time. My little girl is growing up.

She wanted an iPod and a phone, so I got her the Juke phone – music and phone in one. 🙂

She’s going to love it. LOVE. It.

Talk about growing up… her cake is no longer shaped like a teddy bear, a princess or a powerpuff girl. Nope. Instead, this year, her cake will be the same as her gift – a cell phone. I shape and decorate a cake each year according to her interests. Harry Potter was one year, a pirate another. It’s fun to look back on her birthdays, see the cake and be reminded of what occupied her mind during those years. I suppose soon she’ll outgrow the need for a ‘theme’ cake but I’ve a feeling I never will.

When this cake is ready, I’ll post a photo – it’s baking as I type. And if you all behave… I might even post the recipe, which I must say is terribly rich and decadent.

Happy birthday my little one who is not so little anymore.  May you dream without limits and may your every dream come true. (just remember your mother when they do. 😉 )

8 Responses to Birthdays and Adoptathons!

  • Happy birthday to your dear daughter. (I got tears reading your blessing for her). Enjoy the trip and those precious memories you continue to create.


  • Happy Birthday! And I hope lots of little kitties find good homes. I have two kitties from shelters. They are my fur-babies. Now they are such pampered princesses. They get away with things no one else can. Funny how that happens.


  • You’re daughter will have a wonderful birthday, Debbie! A trip to the pet adoption center is a heart warming idea.

  • Happy happy birthday to your not-so-little girl. She’ll love her phone. #1 son just got the same one in red too. Music and a phone, what will they think of next? Hope lots of kitties get adopted to good homes. I can’t wait to see what the cake looks like!

  • Thank you all! I’ve passed on your birthday wishes and a silly grin spread across Daughter’s beautiful face. 🙂

    It’s funny how I often think we don’t get out and do enough. Maybe we could do more but when I look back, I think the activities and trips we enjoy are truly shaping Daughter in a good way. At least I know she’s enjoying herself. With her parents. Imagine. 😉

    We had a lot of people inquire about volunteer positions. How cool is that?! Unexpected and welcomed. And you’re so right – pampered princes and princesses. Your pets and mine alike. It happens so quickly, too, yes? 🙂

  • Kathleen,
    She had a great time! Wonderful. Everyone did. The kittens were a little frightened by all the people – at first – but then they just curled up together and went to sleep. LOL. Ah, the life of the innocent, yes?

    She was giddy when she opened her phone! I wrapped everything and numbered the gifts in order. #1 – charger. #2 – case. #3 – finally! – PHONE! The anticipation was almost too much for her and when she opened the phone, she nearly exploded with happiness. Loved the reaction. It was priceless.

    I’ll post photos of the cake tomorrow. It came a little… sloped. :-/ But it was yummy!!


  • Sounds like another great day. 🙂

  • Happy birthday to your dear daughter. She’s going to love her birthday present. Hope you took a picture of the phone-shaped cake. I’d love to see it.


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