Ain’t enough hours in the day…

I didn’t even check to see when I posted here last. I know it’s been a while, though… too long, actually. Life getting in the way and all that.

So what’s been happening here? Well… rejections are flowing in. runny-eggs Two are still out but… well… the odds aren’t so great, now are they? Ah, well. All part of the process.

Besides that, I’m focusing on my newest wip and while it’s slow-going, I don’t mind so much. If I’ve learned anything with the past three stories I’ve written it’s this – better to take time planning than waste time revising.

Meanwhile, it’s kitten season again and the shelter is filling up once more. Just last week, some very kind heart called us to say she rescued 6 kittens who had been stuffed into a paper bag and tossed into a commercial garbage dumpster. Thanks to this wonderful lady who heard their cries and stopped to do something about it, these kittens – all six – are in foster homes where they’re safe, loved and being bottle fed. Soon… if we foster parents can bring ourselves to allow it… they’ll leave our homes and go to new ones. To their very own special families. Until then, we’re feeding them around the clock (I have two, and two other volunteers each have two) and just simply adoring them.

Yes. Giving them up is going to be a very difficult thing to do.

bobby-1  gregg2


So… what’s new by you? Have some good news to share? I’d love to hear it. Especially now after receiving not one but two rejections in one day. hissyfit

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  • Sorry about the two Rs in one day. ;( But, remember, remember, remember…it only takes one yet. And you are such a good kitten volunteer!

  • Barrie,
    Thank you. I know you’re right… it does only take one. It’s just getting that ‘one’ that’s so tough, you know? Ah well. When the time – and story – are right, it’ll happen.


  • Bummer about the rejections, Debbie, but like Barrie says, it only takes one yes. Hang in there and keep writing. 🙂

    I can see how it would be hard to give up the kitties. They’re darling. I’m back to blogging more regularly again, but not writing yet.


  • Some wise person (it may have been Linda!) said to me once that I should look at a rejection as a letter sent to the wrong address, eventually you will send it to the right address. I liked that. When I first started to get rejection letters I posted them on the wall in my office. DH thought I was nuts. I told him that those were letters from people who had read my work and that’s the way I was looking at it. On the positive side.
    So keep sending those letters out, you’ll send one to the right address one of these days!

  • Linda,
    I had noticed you were blogging about once a week for a while. Are you doing that again or more often? I’d originally blogged every other day then seemed to run out of things to talk about. lol. I’m sorry you’re not writing yet… but it will happen. Life just interferes sometimes, doesn’t it?


  • Beth,
    I love that – eventually I’ll send one to the right address. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. As much as I like to think I’ve grown and learned from the submission process over the years, the flow of R’s is still rather discouraging. But… I’m reading my CP’s chapters now and feeling better about ‘the business’ so, hopefully, I’ll get myself back in the game before too much time goes by.


  • How wonderful that these beautiful kittens were rescued. On rejections, I like how Barry thinks. It only takes one. I know some people keep their rejection letters. I don’t unless there is valuable content that will help me make my story better. Actually, I don’t need to keep them for another reason– I remember, ha ha. My daughter Marla gave me wonderful advice about four years ago– “Mom, you’re sending your manuscripts to top publishers. You should start smaller.” I took her advice. My first two books are still steady seller at Amira Press. Not all small presses are as good as this one, but I really like how publisher Yvette Lynn runs her publishing house and pays authors right away. Every month I get a monthly statement of where books sold and how much. The very next week I receive a royalty check. My goal is to publish at a variety of places in order to grow a base, but I will submit to Amira Press in the very near future. Naturally Amira is growing, and this means two things. One of them is that one of the big fish will swallow them. Then the authors at Amira Press will be authors of the big press.

  • Kathleen,
    Starting smaller when querying publishers for the first time is a great idea. I’m glad it’s working out for you. Did you ever query an agent or did you go directly to the publishers? I’ve always wished to be published by MIRA and they require an agent even for romance. One day… one day.


  • Such sweet kittens! It WOULD be hard to give them up. If I didn’t live so far away (and wasn’t afraid my dogs would have them for lunch), I would want to take them myself. So so sweet.

  • Those furry babies are too cute for words! I’m so glad they found a home. Bless you for fostering them!

    I’m sorry about the rejections. Keep your chin up!

  • Kittens in the photos are really cute. Have you already given let them go? You are a person with such a kind heart.
    I wish you all the best

  • Thank you so much Dilani! Yes, these kittens have gone to their new home. They are happy as can be – they and their new parents – and they’re getting big. They’re already double the size they were when I last saw them. I do miss them but I’m so happy they have such a wonderful new home.


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