Finding Mr. Right

by Debora Dale

As little girls, we’re fed rags to riches, damsels in distress, white knights and knights in shining armor stories. How wonderful the fantasies are, yes? Oddly, we don’t realize, as children, how we’re fooled into believing that’s how life will be for us.

It isn’t until our first true “love” at that most precarious time in our lives – the hormonal time – that we understand how hard happily ever after truly is. With that first true love comes challenges we never dreamed of. Challenges we have no idea how to tackle. We falter, we make fools of ourselves, we become angry, sad, determined. It’s a right of passage. All that practice – all that pain – makes us able to determine whom the true Mr. Right is. For us. And even then, we wonder and fantasize, because after all, a white knight does not – repeat NOT – reside in the average man.

Alas. It is the same when seeking Mr. or Ms. Right Agent. Our hopes and hearts are on the line. They are the aloof, ‘bad boy’ we want to change, to break, to prove ourselves to. They string us along for weeks – months – at a time. And even when we see them teasing others, we think there is still hope for us. Then the truth becomes obvious. The breakup is brutal. Abrupt. Shattering. In just a few cold, uncaring words, our hearts and hopes are destroyed. It’s the old, “it’s not you, it’s me” line. They tell you someone else would love what you have to offer but it’s simply not for them. And then they wish you luck. You’re not given a chance to reply. And you become that broken-hearted adolescent yet again.

Who thought that cutting pain could be repeated?

But you’re an adult now. You know what you’re worth. And you know what else? They’re right. It’s not YOU. It’s THEM. They have specific needs. Desires. Of course, you do have something to do with it. You must reevaluate what you want in a man… um… agent. You must decide what it is you want for yourself, your future. And you must take the time to learn all you can about this potential new match. The close-to-perfect one takes the most time and energy. The close-to-perfect one is the hardest to come by. Tears will be shed, hopes will be plundered and then renewed.

Happily-ever-after may be the hardest ever-after to come by. But just as you would never give up on finding Mr. Right, you must never give up on your dream of finding Mr. or Ms. Right Agent. The right agent might be very hard to find… but the right agent is not only out there somewhere, he or she is out there somewhere… and looking for you.

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