Movin’ on Up

by Debora Dale

Remember the 70’s sitcom, The Jeffersons? George Jefferson had his first walk-on part in an episode of All in the Family. He was a cocky little bit of a man with grand visions for his future. Never once did he look back or doubt – openly, at least – whether he’d succeed. He KNEW he would.

And then he and his family moved on up to the East Side with a deee-lux apartment in the sky. Can’t you just hear the song now? Can’t you just see his strut? George fit right into his new high-class digs because he’d convinced himself from early on that he belonged there. Plain and simple. No second-guesses from that man. Just perseverance, forethought, attitude and a little bit of luck.

What does this have to do with a career in writing? Everything. When we write, when we create a story, create characters, settings, conflicts and resolutions, they sound profound to us. They’re unique, inviting and exciting. When we complete the creative process and move on to the sales process, suddenly we lose focus and confidence. What was it about the story, about the characters or setting that made us feel so passionate? Why would anyone want to read such drivel?

Well… I might be alone with that last thought, but I know most writers fear the negative comments and outright rejections that come with ‘selling our wares’.

George, however, seemed void of fear. Rejections? Negative comments? Pshaw. He had a quality product and no one was going to convince him otherwise.

He had confidence.

He didn’t gain that confidence in a day or even in a year. He’d worked hard, applied himself, learned all he could, got feedback and sifted through it to de-cide what would advance his needs and dreams for his dry cleaning business.

He had a vision.

We need a vision. Whatever that vision is, embrace it. Keep an open mind but remain true to your goals. Just as you would not let your Hero waver in his endeavor, neither should you waver in yours. You might have to deal with a few Archie Bunkers along the way, but with perseverance, forethought and, yes, a little bit of luck, you too will be moving on up.

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