Back in the Saddle

I fell off my query horse yesterday. Took a nasty tumble. Wounded my pride and my muse. But they’re both fine now… sorta… and I’m back on that persnickety horse, somewhat ready for the rest of this unsteady and indeterminable course. horse

Yes. That means my query was rejected.  drama

And yes… that means I’m sending out more queries. However… not before I revised the original query I sent. I feel very good about how it reads now and will have no doubts when the rejections flow in that they have nothing to do with a poor attempt at selling myself but simply with the fact my idea did not snatch an agent’s overworked attention.

And so, yes again. I’ve made peace with rejection number one and have already sent out query numbers two and three. I am also still plotting my next story, hoping to keep my focus where it counts – on creating not contemplating. And every time I wonder, “Should I send out another query?” I’ll remind myself of something DH said…

“If you don’t do something, then you’ve done nothing.”

He has his moments, but gee, he’s swell sometimes. heartbeat

6 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  • Bummer! Your DH is an insightful man.

  • I’m so proud of you for getting on that horse to begin with! I’ll do that myself some day….maybe…

  • Beth,
    Bummer it is… but I still have hope. 🙂

  • Laura,
    Thank you… and you WILL get on that horse. You just have to close your eyes and climb. If you want some help or encouragement, email me and I’ll crack a brandy-new whip. 😉

    Seriously… if you need a read or a little shove, let me know. I’d be happy to help get you on this crazy trail.

  • Rejections are never easy, Debbie, but good on you for giving it another try and learning in the process. It’s hard not to take it as a personal rejection, but remember it’s just business. And I think your DH is a genius, at least for the moment.

    Keep trying!

  • Linda,
    “For the moment”. lol. When I tried to get his input while plotting my newest story, he very seriously said, “Shouldn’t you concentrate on getting the last one published?” Um… I am. But that doesn’t mean everything else should stop. Does it? He looked confused. But then… his jobs are always in progress with buyers eagerly awaiting their completion, so, we have two separate things going on and it’s often hard for him to relate. That just makes his comment even more valuable to me. 🙂

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