Colorado – Week 1

This post will be brief as time seems to be running in fast-forward X16…

So far so good with my mom’s chemo. She has responded precisely as the doctors had hoped. The side-effects, so far, are minimal and we’re hoping, of course, they stay that way. We were told Chemo effects occur the week after chemo so Daughter and I are heading out to Colorado this week. We’re out of here by 4:30 tomorrow morning.

I’m taking my WIP notes and completed chapters. If my mom’s up to it, maybe we’ll brainstorm like we used to.

This is the first time hubby and I will be apart – except for those post C-section days for me in the hospital. My concern is more for my cats than him. Will he remember to feed them? To change their water and play with them? Of course he will. I know this but have to find something to ‘worry’ about.

I’ve cooked a bunch of stuff for him to eat while we’re gone, and I bought plenty of things for him to pick on if he gets the munchies. He works tons of hours so I doubt we’ll be missed THAT much – maybe when he wants a fresh pot of coffee or to know where something is.

I’ve a feeling, though, that when we get back, he’ll be kinda happy to see us. 😀

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  • Debbie, your husband will remember to feed the cats. I’m glad to have an update on your mother. Your visit with your daughter will mean so much. Blessings to all.

  • The first time you’ve been apart from your hubby – ever? How long have you been married?

    Once again I felt led to pray for your mother last night so I’m glad to hear her chemo is going well. I hope your stay with her will also be pleasant – and productive. 🙂 Thanks for keeping us posted.


  • Kathleen,
    He can’t forget to feed them… you should see the notes and arrows I taped up around the house. lol.

    We’ve been together for 18 years, married for 14. Is it really odd that we’ve never been apart? Everyone looks at me funny when I say that. Maybe it’s the romance writer in me who likes it this way. 🙂


  • If he forgets, they’ll remind him. Glad you mom is doing well. Go Ms. Pacman!

  • Debbie, what a nice idea to brain storm your story with your mom. I’ll bet she enjoys that if she’s up to it. Please keep us posted about your mom. She is in my prayers.

  • Debbie, so glad you’re going to be with your mom during chemo. Brainstorming will help take her mind off things, so I hope you get a chance to do that. Don’t worry about your hubby. I’m sure he’ll get along fine without you and so will the cats. Hope your mom continues to do well.


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