Day 3 – Book in a Week


My way of writing seems to involve a LOT of thinking – like sometimes days or weeks – and then I have this manic spurt of writing. And then more thinking. It’s a frustrating process, and I’ve hoped for a more efficient way to unjumble the words in my head and get them onto the page.

I might have found it.

Day one of this challenge gave me three solid, single-spaced pages. I was thrilled but realized three pages a day does not a book-in-a-week make. So… instead of ramping up the typing, I revised what I’d written. How’s that for sabotaging my own work? It seems that perfectionist, nit-picky, inner critic of mine has an intense aversion to speed writing.

This inner-critic, whom I shall henceforth call ‘Nil’ as nil is all it allows me to write – nags me constantly about every little word, every punctuation mark, every thought I dare consider worthy. Nil has forced me to stop the writing flow and do things like research awkward wording, rethink the plot, change the heroine’s name and whatnot.

Nil slices creativity, hacks away at confidence, rewords everything I’ve written while grumbling how awful it all is and then laughs as I slink away from the computer certain I’ll never write another word. That’s what Nil does best.

It’s time I put her in her place. Yes? And I think I know how.

You see… I have learned something fantastic during this process. The best way to keep Nil from messing with the work is not to show Nil the work in the first place. 🙂

When you write without looking back at what you’ve written, you fall deeper into the story and wind up with a more flowing and consistent rhythm, tone, mood and voice. It’s when you stop writing to review or revise, that Nil puts on her work clothes and happily tweaks and alters your beautiful prose until it’s barely recognizable. 

Ever hear the term “less is more”? So it is with revising as you go. Less is more. Nil has yet to learn that term.

Day two was yesterday, Sunday, and so there were family things to tend to. However, I managed another three pages… and this happened in just two hours. For me, that is some kind of record. I’m thrilled to have written 3,031 words in two days and cannot wait to get back into it today, Day 3.

Will I finish my book this week? I highly doubt it (my wrists are already planning a mutiny), but I will have a new tool in my tool box because of it. This tool is the privacy screen between the words I type and Nil. If I do not show it to her by rereading what I write as I write it, SHE cannot possibly feel the need to ‘fix’ it.

Not until the end is written will Nil be allowed to have a go at it.

At least, that’s the plan. I have the new tool, now I just need to make sure I use it.

Day three? Here I come… armed and ready.

11 Responses to Day 3 – Book in a Week

  • Debbie,
    What a great insight into the creative process. Write first. Fix later. Full steam ahead.

    Cheering you on.

  • Debora, my prayers are with you. 3,031 words is an amazing accomplishment. Keep going. Do nothing else. Love and hugs are coming your way.

  • Debora, I admire your perseverance. Blood, sweat, and tears is the only way to do the really big things like writing a book.

  • Debora, I admire your perseverance. Blood, sweat, and tears is the only way to do the really big things like writing a book.

  • Thanks for the support ladies!! I didn’t do as well today as I hoped – at least not as far as word count. BUT I did work out two tough scenes. I’m not a fast writer and I have to accept that as part of my process. However, knowing that I CAN write without going back over each and every word is a major step for me. Three days straight and about 1500 words per day. Maybe not a book in a week, but I’ll bet come November, I’ll be able to ace the NaNoWriMo.
    ( ) Oh yeah. Happy dancing! 🙂

    Today’s word count – 1491 to be exact. Yay me!

  • NIL, what a little demon she is, always with the rewording.

  • Hope today was very productive! 🙂

  • A word count of 1491 is excellent for your two tough scenes, Debora. Glad to hear NIL is keeping to herself. When I write romance, I have a NIL of my own. She’s a virgin and is going to tell on me.

  • I’m raising my skinny Starbuck’s latte– Here’s toasting to Debora Dale’s word count today, Tuesday, April 8th.

  • Oh, wow you guys. You’re like my own personal chearleading squad!

  • Go Debbie!

    I know how the critic can get it the way, but you can do it!

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