End of season sales

It feels like I was just writing about the beginning of summer and here it is already – the end. Though, it’s not really. Stores are just getting a jump start on back-to-school shopping, Halloween shopping and other not-here-yet events.

Ah, yes, I know, school is indeed about to start on the east coast and has already started in other parts of the country. But does that mean summer is over? Does that mean you can no longer buy summer-related items?


Unless you’re lucky… like I was. 🙂

Just the other day, Hubby decided it was well-past time to clean our 18-year-old wood deck which has only been cleaned once in all those years. He rented a power-washer and got right to it.

I’m very proud of him. It wasn’t hard work, per se, but messy, loud and, well, face it, a time sucker. However, he did it and the difference in the wood is amazing.

Now all we have to do is waterproof and stain it. They say it’s easy… I’ll have to let you know.

One thing is for sure, though. Our kitties will supervise our efforts just as they – all four of them – supervised from our bedroom window as Hubby cleaned the deck.

The day after he power washed the deck, we had the storm of storms. It scared the cats right under the bed… all but one who must have thought it was too crowded under the bed and decided to hide under the bedspread instead…

Yup, that lump is a scared little kitty. 🙂

Anyway… lightening, house-rattling thunder and raindrops like bullets, pounded away at our precious just-washed and lovely deck. It rained so hard, the water pooled on top and hubby’s first thought was maybe he did something wrong while washing it because we’ve never had water pool on the deck.

Thankfully, it drained and surface dried the next day. We need several dry-out days before we can waterproof it.

Meanwhile, we donated our old (15-year-old) yard furniture and decided to buy new. It’s the end of the season, after all, so prices should be low, yes? Well… yes. However, options were low as well. Who knew the best time to shop for end of season items was about a quarter of the way INTO the season??? Sheesh.

Well… we piled into the car determined to find SOMETHING since everything we liked and could afford online was out of stock and all the stores we called said they no longer had yard furniture on their showroom floors. We needed deck waterproofer, yes? So we headed to Home Depot. There are about four of them within the same distance of us but only one had any yard furniture available in their clearance room. We went there.

Well take those bloomers off the line and call this a sunny day! We found just what we needed! An urban-sized set in an easy-to-maintain material. The price wasn’t just ‘right’ it was perfect! Each chair $33.00. Each cushion – $7. And the table??? Ready?? Try $32.50. Now THAT’s what I call a bargain.

And on top of it all, we now have a beautiful urban retreat we can enjoy without guilt.

Ah…. the lazy days of summer. We are indeed about to enjoy them right here at home.

8 Responses to End of season sales

  • Debbie,
    It looks lovely and so inviting. Just the right size too. A huge yard (like mine) is lovely to look but way too much work. Here’s to many enjoyable days out there.


  • I love your urban retreat, Debbie. Wish you could have sent some of that rain out here to California, though.


  • Linda,
    I complain about the small size of my yard sometimes but then I consider the work involved in this tiny space. I realize then, that a larger yard wouldn’t fit into my schedule. Besides, we are very fortunate to have fantastic neighbors, so the closeness of it all actually has it’s perks.


  • Linda,

    I know how dry it is out there, it’s awful. I have family in Colorado and it’s very dry there as well. Just a week or so ago, a flash of lightening started a fire on one of the mountains. The area was parched so in no time, it went up in flames. My family had to evacuate. Fortunately no one was injured and the fire was controlled but hundreds of acres were destroyed. Too bad we can’t collect extra rain from some places and transport it to others. We can send men to the moon and yet…


  • The deck looks great, Debbie! And the kitty under the blanket is too cute!


  • Beautiful. As soon as I get my cast off my foot I’m getting rid of all my stuff accumulating in my garage. Where’s the Goodwill number?

  • Marly,
    That’s Fidget under the blanket. Poor kitty. He’s the macho cat in my family but deep inside, he’s just a mush – and the first to hide. 🙂


  • Sandy,
    There’s no greater feeling than clearing out stuff you don’t use and giving it to someone who will. We’re having a fund raising yard sale for our shelter, so a LOT of my stuff will be going there.
    When will your cast come off? Soon, I hope!


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