Great Shelter News!

What an excellent week last week was for our shelter cats! We had three new adoptions! 😀 The best part is that of the three adoptions, two were of adult cats. ::sigh:: That makes me teary. Is so rare for the older cats to find homes. Like babies in an orphanage, kittens are more likely to be adopted and older cats are likely to spend their lives without a loving home.

This week, however, one very vocal adult male was adopted. He’d been adopted two years ago, but the adoptive parents felt he was too noisy and they brought him back. He was with us again for about four months, and I was worried he’d never have another chance. Well! A couple came in during the week, fell in love with him and his voice and took him home. I’m tearing up now… but from happiness for him.

The kitten was a tiny one. Only about two months old. He’ll be happy in his new home and has not yet developed the bad habits that sometimes get these little ones returned to us… like talking too much.

And finally, the greatest news is that Charlie has been adopted, too. Well… fostered. It’s a trial arrangement. If he and the foster parents are compatible, they’ll make it permanent. Charlie is a lover. Handsome, charming, and just a tad distant. On his terms, you can pet and cuddle him. On his terms, you’ll be sorry for doing so. Think, Mr. Darcy.

In case you’re wondering… Yes. The Charlie I’m speaking of is the same Charlie in the photo from my Whiskers on Kittens post. Isn’t he handsome?

5 Responses to Great Shelter News!

  • Debbie, How cool to have 3 of the cats adopted.

  • When I’m ready to have a cat again I want to adopt an adult. Kittens are cute but alot of work! Some friends of mine adopted an adult male and totally love him-he’s a sweetheart. Ooooh I want a cat so bad. I better start sweet talking the hubby soon.
    Thanks for the update, it’s nice to see them go to good homes.
    PS What state are you in?

  • Debbie, thank you for putting my ACT cat videos on your blog! I’m adding new ones all the time. & love to see those adoptions, yay! 😉

  • When I adopted my cat Zipper, she was 3 years old. We’ve loved her and she’s loved us for the past 15 years. Don’t know what we’ll do when she’s no longer with us.

    Love your new blog on WordPress.

  • Sandy,

    When I lost my oldest cat – whom I had for 13 years – I started working at the shelter. I had to do something for her, something in her memory. After a short while, I realized I had to do more with the love I had for her… and I adopted three kittens. They’ve been great and have certainly helped my one remaining older cat over his grieving process. It might not be for everyone, but that’s how I coped with her loss.


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