Heading to the Big City – otherwise known as “home”

Writers are normally solitary creatures. We love interaction with people and we love sharing but for the most part, we love our quiet time more. There has to be balance, of course, but what’s a writer to do when she’s forced out of her comfy little cubby and into the frantic and crowded world of NETWORKING?!

It’s enough to make the muse cower in the dark recesses of the mind.

This week – tomorrow in fact – this writer will be attending her first ever Romance Writer’s Conference. There will be workshops galore, introductions, re-connections, pitches, midnight bazaars, dinner with new friends and old, drinks, networking and tired feet.

I’m looking forward to it but I’m also intimidated. I want to take it all in without feeling overwhelmed. I want to go slowly, pull back and truly see the community of which I am a part.

I’ve been writing all my life and until recently, thought of it as lonely work. Most rewarding and enjoyable, but lonely. Over the past few months, however, I’ve met real live writers, while previously, I’d only met other writers ‘virtually’. I’m connected now and after this week, I will be connected even more.

Tomorrow I will meet up with people I’ve only known through IM’s, discussion boards or emails. I cannot wait. I’m excited and terrified and wonder if there’s a story in this. 😉

Since in my previous post I said I’d look toward the positive, my only worry is whether my online friends will like me in person. Oh. And whether I packed the right shoes…  if the dresses are appropriate… if my pitch is ready for prime time… whether my hair looks okay… if I paid the electric bill… whether the cat-sitter remember to…

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  • Have a fabulous time! Please, for those of us not able to attend, post your experiences!

    And don’t worry…if you don’t have the right shoes there are plenty to be bought in NYC!


    • Thanks Jayne! Once I get there and settle in, I am going to let down my hair and have a good time. I will try to post during the week but if I don’t – it means I’m having too much fun. 🙂

  • Have a great time!

  • Wish I could attend Nationals this year. I had an awesome time a few years ago in Dallas. I worried about all those things too, which I think is natural. I met amazing people and learned so much. Relax and have a great time! I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences. 🙂

    • It’s that ‘worrying’ thing again. 😕 Once I’m there, I’ll be fine because it’ll be too late to change anything. It’s the last minute prepping that gets me nervous. But that’s how it is for me whenever I leave home for more than a few hours. The worrier in me is a tough one to beat. Hey! I might have a week’s worth of topics to post here when it’s over! 😀

  • I’ll be there! We can be nervous together.

  • Debbie, you’ll have a wonderful time I promise! Make sure you take great notes, and before you go to sleep each night write out what happened that day – who you talked to, what you remember from each session, how you felt. I SO wish I were going!

    Take care, have fun!

    • Wow, Christine! What great advice. I didn’t think to journal my experience. Love the idea. I might even take a digital recorder with me to make it even easier to keep track. Great idea. Thanks!

  • Debora – I attended my first (and only so far) conference in 2005 – very nervous just like you – and it was far away in Reno — take it one hour at a time — it is so worthwhile for the folks you meet and the things you learn — you can unravel it all when you get home. Get lots of sleep and food and just have fun.

    • “Unravel it all” when I get home. LOVE that description of it. I think you’re exactly right – I have to take this one hour at a time. Bite-sized pieces. Great advice! Thank you… mystery writer, you. 😎

  • Enjoy the conference! My first one in Dallas was wonderful. You can learn so much in a few days. The classes were terrific, and I also got a lot out of sitting next to someone I didn’t know and chatting. I started up one really good conversation by complimenting the woman’s shoes (they were these incredible red strappy high heels). Best wishes!

  • Debbie, Can’t wait to hear about your experiences. I know they will be exciting and productive. Above all, enjoy the experience.

    • I did enjoy it. It was non-stop learning, chatting, laughing… waiting for elevators. :-/ I was so tired on the last day, however, that I’m sure there was some sleepwalking going on.

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