Hunt and Peck

Well… I’m not exactly “hunting” as I’ve been typing since Mrs. Peters’ class in 7th grade. However, I am “pecking”.

I spent the weekend working on my deck. Yes, hubby powerwashed it all by his lonesome, but it still needed to be water-proofed and stained. We made it a family affair… and I have the sore and tingly wrists to prove it.

Actually, it’s one wrist – the right. Considering I’m a lefty, a weak right wrist shouldn’t matter. Ha! It’s amazing how much more I use my right hand than my left – mainly for anything that needs strength. While the left is more for control. And so, I used the right to lift and push furniture off the deck, to stir the stain and to stain the flower beds and edging with a brush. The repetitive motion and the strain did me in. My wrist is now wrapped in an Ace bandage and I’m babying it as much as I can – which makes typing take forever. Not that it matters because it’ll still ‘talk’ here. 🙂

The deck came out beautifully, in my opinion. The color is so rich – not weathered like it had been for so long. Too long. I’m so happy with it.


Oh! And check out what I found on the seat of a folding chair outside Daughter’s window…

Nope. Not cat-prints. Try… RACCOON PRINTS!!

After putting the deck back in order yesterday, Daughter and I went to the shelter. So from there, I must announce… KITTENS!

They’re precious, of course, but we still have to find homes for them. While there last night, I took some pictures of our newest additions – and some of the older kittens too.


As one of our volunteers said to me the other day, “We have to find homes for them soon because, like it or not, kittens do have a shelf life.” And it’s so true. People want the tiny ones because they look so cute and cuddly. What they don’t realize is that, once you get to know them, the older cats are just as cute and even more in need of cuddling.

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  • We love adopting older cats. Our first cat Louie was older when we got him. Granted, he wasn’t with us for long. And had I realized how old he was, I might have passed, which horrifies me now because he was just so special and such a beloved part of our lives.

    I do think that people shy away from adopting older cats out of fear of facing grief sooner. But, if you pass up love out of fear of grief, you’re going to live a lonely life.

    As for the work on the deck, it’s beautiful. Try cold packs on your wrists and maybe invest in a wrist brace to sleep in. (They’re about $15 to 20.)

  • Oh, the deck looks beautiful, but I’m sorry you paid the price for it. Hope your hand feels better soon. Ice sometimes helps, esp. in the summer when it’s too hot to put moist heat on it.

    Your new kittens are darling. Hope you find homes for them soon.


  • Debbie, this is totally off-topic, but I found this article at Huffington Post and thought your home schooling group might be interested, if you haven’t seen it.

    “…the National Writing Project, together with Google Docs is sponsoring a program called Letters to Our Next President: Writing Our Future to encourage young Americans to write a letter to the candidates letting them know their views on the issues.”

    I don’t know any teachers, so I’m telling you about it instead. 🙂


  • Linda!! Thank you for the link. How exciting. I’m sure the children in our group will write the best darn letters of their lives. Thanks!


  • Rhonda,

    I know what you mean about maybe not wanting to adopt an older cat for fear of losing them too soon. It’s a sad fact and I can’t blame anyone for wanting to avoid that horrible pain. But some of the “older” cats in our shelter are only two or three years. People see tiny kittens with those huge eyes and tiny mews, and naturally gravitate toward them. Meanwhile, the older ones are rejected and it’s heartbreaking. If our new ‘crop’ of kittens aren’t adopted soon, they, too, will be passed over. It’s a tough situation. The last thing we’d want to do is force an animal on someone. We just keep hoping more people will see the value and untapped love still present in our older, maybe less attractive, cats.


  • Debbie, the stain on your deck is even and rich. I love the log siding on it. Your family will enjoy this charming place. Your kittens and cats are adorable.

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