I want a Sven.

Seriously, I really do. You’ve seen Sven, haven’t you? He’s the tall blond on the AT&T commercials who knows just what everyone needs and wants and he either provides it for them – like warm fluffy sweaters or steaming cups of coffee – or he gently guides them so they stay on track.

I not only want a Sven, I need a Sven.

One glitch in the routine, and suddenly, my house is a mess, the fridge is empty, the bills are late, the unreachable light bulb is out and surprise company arrives ‘just to say hello’.

Hubby, Daughter, and I spent the weekend out doing things for Hubby’s second office. We were painting, shopping for furniture and all that other good stuff.  Let me just say, getting in and out of the car three dozen times is a lot more exhausting than walking several miles. What is it with that? You sit and you don’t want to get up. Sven could get me up. He’d remind me of the task at hand and the reward to follow.

See, with a Sven, I believe I’d stick to a schedule and that schedule would allow for more pleasurable things – not simply chores. Sven would see to it that I accomplish what I need to accomplish in manageable blocks of time and still have leftover minutes to enjoy those accomplishments and unwind.

I’m telling hubby I want a Sven for my birthday.

How about you? How do you stay on track? Or do you need a Sven as well?

5 Responses to I want a Sven.

  • Okay, *raising hand* I’ll take a Sven! 😉 LOL


  • Your post hits home, Debora. Sven is a pleasant reminder of a big reward from daily life chores. Your husband’s second office has demanded some attention from you, your husband, and daughter. No doubt it was fun (painting, shopping for furniture, etc) but pulled you off other tasks. Maybe like writing? Your mention of painting reminds me– I need to paint our bathroom upstairs.

  • A sven would do me good, I really need one. 🙂

  • We need a Sven, too. You should see my house. I’m actually grateful that my husband is messy and harried, too. That makes him more understanding.

  • I need 3 Svens. At least.

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