It’s kitten season again! The shelter is housing a dozen and about a dozen more are being fostered by some of our most generous volunteers. See how precious they are… and remember… they ALL need a safe and loving home.

4 Responses to Kittens!

  • Sweet pictures. Here’s hoping they all find good, safe homes!

  • OMG they are sooooo cute!

  • Thanks, Laura! I’m hoping, too. I just went up to the corner deli and stuffed the newspapers with fliers showcasing these cuties. 🙂


  • Beth,
    They’re even more adorable in person. Two of them might have homes now… fingers crossed. The tiny gray one wrapped in the pink blanket (her name is Cookie) and the grayish tabby with the big eyes (her name is Dolce). I sincerely hope we find homes for all of them, though. I can’t imagine the shelter once all of those kittens have grown up.


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