Monday: Motivate the Muse

You  heard me sleepy heads, it’s Monday again. Time to shake up the muse. So without further ado…

Using these five words:






Tell us a story in five paragraphs or less.

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  • Here’s mine…

    Could he let her walk away again? Like hell he could. But if he wanted to get her back this time, he’d have to try something new. Something unexpected. And once he got her home, he’d have to think long and hard how to keep her. He knew she didn’t like being tied up. She’d made that clear the very first day. But he was now Master and had to learn to play the part, harden his heart. Not let doubt FILTER through. Not let her cries, her pleading eyes, stop him from what needed to be done. Her training, after all, had just begun.

    He EDGEd closer to her, slowly, slowly, hoping she wouldn’t make a BREAK for it. “Come… here… now.” He spoke softly so as not to frighten. Firmly, so as to be obeyed.

    She took off, WIDEning the distance between them. He ran, lunged for her, snatched her around the middle and tossed her over his shoulder. Ignoring her flailing, her whimpering, he dumped her into the car. The MEMORY of this recapture would send him back out after her with renewed confidence the next time she tried to get away. And he knew there would be a next time.

    He got behind the wheel, looked over at her, saw sadness and fear in her big brown eyes. “It’s okay, girl,” he said. “You’ll get used to your new home soon.” With a small laugh, he reached out and scratched the mutt behind the ears.


    • Deb,

      Let’s just say I was HOPING it was a dog. At first, I thought he was training a horse until I read, “He threw her over his shoulder.” Phew. Didn’t know where you were going with that one. Nice work!!

      I’d try your exercise but I’m busy with revisions, critiques, and pitch practice this week. Definitely will play your writing game this summer sometime, though.

      Great post!

      • A horse?! Cool. I was teasing indeed but I hadn’t thought of it seeming like a horse. See how subjective this craft is?

        I thought this might take too much time to do. It was an experiment. Maybe I’ll post something like this once a month or so instead of regularly on Mondays. 🙂

        Thanks for coming by and if you do decide to try this, please post here. I’d love to see what story you create with these words.

    • Great story! You’re right, writing can be very subjective. I won’t even comment about the thoughts going on in my head there for a while. LOL

  • Oh, now THAT one was fantastic! I was hooked right away and had NO idea it was a dog! Debora, I am truly impressed. WOW! Loved it.

    • Wow! Thank you Patricia! It’s slow going at first. Trying to work all the words into one cohesive story seems impossible. But it’s fun. Give it a try!! 😀

  • I am not any good at writing poetry. So when I see a set of words like those, I try to make a poem of it. I keep hoping I’ll get better (my mom’s awesome) but alas I didn’t get the poetry gene. I know this isn’t what you had in mind…but here’s my poem:

    I scooped my favorite coffee into the filter
    Even though I felt a little off kilter.

    My memory seemed foggy,
    And I was more than a little groggy.

    The missing piece was on the edge of discovery
    and I was able to push wide the ethereal mist.
    The break-through brought a recovery.
    I knew what I missed!

    It was nowhere time to get up.
    Only 2am — and boy was I p*ssd

  • Loved your story, Debra. Also loved Rhonda’s poem. What a great idea. Just a few words and look what great creativity they sparked. I’m impressed.

    • Thanks so much, Angelique! Rhonda’s poem was so unexpected. I loved it. I love how the same words give different people such varied ideas. That’s what story ideas can be shared without fear. Its what a writer does with the idea that gives it life. So cool. Won’t you try your hand at this, too?

  • Debbie, this is fun game. Like Jolyse, I’m busy, busy, busy with revisions and life and just can’t wrap my brain around it right now. It’s a cool idea, though.

    • I definitely had fun with it but it is a time-sucker. It’s hard enough getting started sometimes that getting started on something other than the actual work isn’t such a good idea. Maybe next time you can join in. I’d love to see what everyone comes up with. Thanks so much for coming by!

  • Awesome!

    Laughing at Lisa’s comment.

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