Never Forget

Justice served cold is still justice. There is unity once again in this country. Ten years ago, we were united in pain and determination. Now, we are – for the moment – united in celebration and remembrance.

The news showed people gathering at the White House. They were singing and cheering. At the World Trade Center, people were holding candles and singing the National Anthem.

Here, in my town, people poured onto the street to hug and clap one another on the back. Fireworks lit up the sky – those flashes of light, colorfully bursting above us, brought smiles and cheers from onlookers.

And then police cars and fire engines drove along the boulevard, their sirens whirring, their lights pulsing. The people grew quiet. Solemn. Some saluting. Some waving. Some bowing their heads. All clearly moved by memories of tremendous loss and incredible bravery.

The world is still not a safe place. And though we have taken this moment for all it’s worth, relishing in a sense of unity, happiness, grief and hope, America will Never Forget.



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  • Beautifully said. I feel no joy, just a profound relief and a hope that this will end the reign of terror from his regime and give a bit of closure to those who lost so much.

    May 9/11/01 remain etched on our hearts forever.


  • VERY well said, Deborah. I agree with Pam. Overall relief encompasses how I feel and ‘hope’ in that cutting off the head of the snake will render the body powerless. Checked out your website btw and LOVE it! Very peaceful and sensual with the candle/fireplace 🙂

  • Tuere,
    Thank you for the comment on my website! And thank you for visiting it!

    Relief is precisely what many of us feel. There’s a whole generation out there who have grown up hearing how the US was searching for this figurehead. Taking him out of the equation, is like Harry ridding the wizarding world of Voldemort. There will still be evil, but the head of it, the most visible head of it, is no longer viable. Relief.

  • Exactly, Pam. Closure. That’s what this is about. I think many people are upset about the cheering because they see it as celebrating death. Actually, it’s just a huge, vocal sigh of relief.

  • Lol! Don’t know if making the Harry-Potter-analogy was a tie-in from my snake comment (Slytherin connection) but it was brilliant!! 😉

    • Thank you, Tuere. 🙂 Your mention of the snake brought Voldemort’s image to mind. And… my daughter’s generation has grown up with both the horror of 9/11 and it’s aftermath as well as the horror and hope of Harry Potter. And I dare say, there’s quite a connection between the two.

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