We went to the NY Botanical Gardens yesterday. That and the Bronx Zoo are familiar and favored haunts of ours. Though they’re across the street from one another, we never go to both in one day. No, the beauty of going to one of those places is getting away from everything else for an entire day. Either is a magical escape and yesterday was no different.

blog-orchid-1.jpg blog-orchid-10.jpg

Yes. Those are orchids. Our getaway yesterday involved the NY Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show. It’s hard to imagine how varried one type of flower can be. The colors are glorious, the frangrace is… odd. They have an almost… musky smell. A sexy heady scent that’s warm and thick. One whiff is enticing. Rooms full… well… that takes getting used to.

Still, I would go back again and again because they are simply that stunning. Here… let me show you some more…

blog-orchid-8.jpg blog-orchid-4.jpg


Some of them looked fake. Like paper…


Or plastic…


All of them were magnificent.


Of course, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. While I cringed at some of these because, to me, they looked more like insects than flowers, other people were in awe of their beauty and grace. You decide…

blog-orchid-9.jpg blog-orchid-11.jpg

5 Responses to Orchids

  • Debbie,
    These are beautiful except for the hairy spider looking ones. Creepy. I can’t imagine a whole huge display of them. My senses would be overwhelmed. I went to the flower show in Philadelphia one year. I still get a flash of sensory excitement when I think of it. Oh for spring.


  • Debora-
    They are so beautiful, even the weird ones. Is it my imagination or do some of them look like um… body parts?

  • Infinite diversity. Amazing. Thank you for the colors of spring.

  • Debora,

    I’ll have to say that I think the first few pictures are stunning, the last few, not so much. LOL To each their own, though!
    Thanks for sharing those great pics!


  • I love orchids! Great pictures. thanks for sharing.

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