Query. Wait. Query. Wait. Wait. Wait.

It’s only been a week, one day and 90 minutes since I sent my query to my dream agent, yet it feels like months. I know, I know. It can be several weeks before I hear anything. I’m just hoping that particular ‘anything’ I hear is a request for more.

I confess… I only queried one agent. I know putting ‘all of your eggs in one basket’ isn’t the best idea. But, sometimes, there’s simply one basket you like more than the rest. And so… you give it your utmost attention.

I should, however, be spending part of this waiting time researching other agents. I know. And I keep telling that to myself but I’m not acting on it. Does this mean there’s a part of me ignoring probability? A part of me blissfully ignorant to the fact my work might not be requested? <gasp>

Methinks… yes… there is a blissfully – willfully – ignorant side of me thinking – hoping – that very thing.

And so… the waiting continues. And my nails become shorter as I nibble them down. And my cupboards become bare… as I nibble there, too. My fingers, however, remain limber as they work with my muse in tune to the blissful ignorance of their host, and dance upon my keyboard in an effort to create the next work for which I will soon query. Wait. Query. Wait…

8 Responses to Query. Wait. Query. Wait. Wait. Wait.

  • Debbie, I have my fingers crossed for you with your agent query. I plan on contacting just one also when my work-in-progress is complete. I don’t want to sabotage my opportunity with this one dream agent I have in mind. Sometimes, they actually want to see the whole book!

  • Kathleen,
    Thank you! I feel the same way – not wanting to sabotage my chances with the agent I chose. And if they want to see the whole book… well… I would certainly send it on without hesitation! lol.

  • Stop nibbling and keep writing. Because one day you are going to be published. (I know the waiting is a killer though.)


  • That’s so true, Linda. We need to keep writing every day even if we can only find an hour. It’s tax season, and I help my husband the CPA at his office. Today, that will be all I have to write unless I skip swimming. But, I won’t skip. I look forward to it too much.

  • I’m crossing my fingers and my toes too! If only agents could feel your dreams in the query, they might get back to us sooner! Good luck!

  • Linda,
    The waiting is killer… but thank you for cheering me from the side. I LOVE it… and… fine. I’ll stop nibbling now. lol.

  • Kathleen,
    I’m glad you won’t skip swimming. Every time you mention swimming, I close my eyes and smile. I do miss it. Hopefully one day, I’ll have a pool in my yard… though in my house would be nicer because then I can swim even in the dead of winter. Yes. That is my dream. Hey. I write romance. Big dreams are in my blood. lol.

  • Beth,
    You say it so beautifully. And I agree. If agents could feel our dreams, they’d hurry those responses out to us – positive or negative – so we can move on. Tomorrow is already two weeks. They say 2-4 so… we’ll see.

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