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where fear and passion collide

Snuggle up with a Romance Tonight

When planning the release of my debut romantic suspense novel, I anticipated some bumps and hurdles, but I never anticipated anything as catastrophic as a pandemic. My state has been the hardest hit in the USA so far, with immeasurable levels of fear, suffering and grief.

Because of that, I’ve kept fairly quiet about the release of my book. I purposely scheduled it for the end of May as a birthday gift to myself, but wondered whether I should postpone it, and if so, for how long? A few months? A year? Then, as I listened to the advice of friends, fellow authors and fellow readers, I agreed many of us actually need to escape into a book right now. Just as many of us have escaped into baking, cleaning, exercising or even lip syncing.

At times it’s necessary, for our health, to decompress

That had me thinking about my heroine. She’s a woman who endured great trauma as a child, who kept her fears and frustrations locked deep inside, thinking she had defeated them when what she actually did was lug them around with her everywhere. She let them direct her actions and reactions. Her thoughts and habits. That is, until her every method of defense was met with challenges she could have never imagined.

Even then, she believed she could rely on her old tried and true tactics if she only thought them through a little more. Finally, when the odds mounted against her and the man she’d grown to love, she called on her own strength and fortitude, which she had only just begun to recognize.That comes with time, and with pain. It comes when we feel there’s no other choice, when we fear all is lost except this one thing – our own hidden abilities. It helps to know there are other people who are willing to help, to fight with us and for us. That we are not alone. And in this case, in our fight against this cruel virus, none of us are.


Covid19 is so much bigger than each of us but so much smaller than all of us. For that reason, we have to stay strong together, with common sense and compassion.

And so it’s right that we take care of ourselves in every way we can, to fortify our minds, our spirits, our bodies. To eat well, rest, relax if possible, and replenish.

A story with seemingly insurmountable odds that promises a well-earned happily ever after might be one path toward the goal of helping to make us whole, even if only for an hour or two.

Stay safe. Take care of yourself. Pour a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and snuggle up with a romance tonight. You can give lip-syncing a go tomorrow.

Not Your Mother's Hero - Surrender at Canyon Road

From the Back Cover

Surrender at Canyon RoadCover Reveal - Surrender at Canyon Road
Bound by her past
Freed by his love

Ransom in hand, Johnny “Blake” races to the drop point to rescue his sister and nephew only to wind up blindsided by a terrible double-cross. Now he’s stranded in the Colorado Rockies in the dead of night with no car and no options. Then the kidnappers call with new demands and Blake is forced to do the unthinkable.

Dani Moyer is only a few good photographs and some winding mountain roads away from winning a contest that will change her life–until a stranger kidnaps her. She doesn’t believe his story about a kidnapped sister and her child. And she’s not giving up her dreams without a fight.

But when the kidnappers call again, Blake and Dani hear the agonizing sound of the child’s frightened voice. Blake will stop at nothing to save the boy from this nightmare, and Dani knows that to help him, she must surrender her own dreams.


Debora Dale’s first literary love is romantic suspense – to read and to write. A New Yorker born and bred, Debora uses the diversity, excitement and seedy underbelly of her hometown as fodder for her stories. While she adores happily-ever-afters, she makes certain her characters toil for theirs.

When not writing, she can be found baking a decadent little something in her kitchen or enjoying a quiet moment in her tiny urban yard. Mostly, however, you will find her trying to plot a new story while at least one of her five rescued felines settles in for a nap on her keyboard.

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