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As an animal rescue volunteer, it’s my job to see that our cats are safe, healthy and happy. Whenever I can, I and the other volunteers, spread the word about our cats with the hope we’ll find loving homes for them.


One thing I cannot stress enough is the need for people to spay and neuter their pets. Indeed, if people would trap, neuter and return strays, the situation would be much less severe. Cats are mulitplying in numbers we can’t manage alone. The need for community involvement is vital. It’s also a lot to ask – and we know this. Our job, then, is to educate the community about TNR programs and to get out there ourselves to get it done.  

In order for this to happen, we need funds. It’s simple really. Everything costs money – and these days money is very hard to come by. Which leads me to my shameless plug. I’ve set up a blog about our organization. On the blog are Google ads and Google ads pay pennies per click. If you can find the time to check out the blog, post a comment, click an ad and spread the word to others you might know who are interested, I, the other volunteers and our precious felines would be eternally grateful. A few pennies here, a few more there, and who knows, maybe we can rescue, feed, socialize and find a home for one more lucky cat.

Click the photo below to go to the blog prettyplease… and let me know what you think. Any way I can improve it to bring more traffic is a way I’m willing to try.

Tobi and Chippers

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  • Great site. But I’m afraid I will be tempted to spend too much time watching the cats vs printers. Too funny and too cute.


  • Debbie, of all the glorious tabby coat colors and patterns, the gray striped kittens pull at my heart strings. Our gray tabby, Kit-Kat, is now fourteen-years-old. He was the last to go at a pet store, giving away a free litter, and I took pity on his close quarters in a hamster cage. I took him to the vet to get fixed on the way home. Yours is a noble cause, Debbie. My next step is to click on where I can make a donation.

  • Debbie, I clicked on ads in order to “make pennies” but is there an address where I can send a small donation? I shall return (after I swim my laps) to see if one is posted. I enjoyed your story about the rescue of the dirty white cat with the broken leg. He became yours, I think! Am I right, huh huh?

  • Linda,
    I’ve found myself watching that video daily. LOL. Isn’t that cat adorable?!

    I love your story of Kit-Kat! How wonderful of you to take him. Isn’t it sad to see them in cages? At least they’re not on the streets, though, yes?

    About Chase – he actually belongs to one of the other volunteers. 🙂 That’s HER story. When it comes to animals, I suppose we’re interchangeable. lol.

    Thank you so much, btw, for wanting to make a donation. I didn’t at all mean for this to cost anyone. I figured if y’all clicked from time to time, and maybe even saw something you’d want to purchase, that would be more than enough. I do appreciate the thought though. You can give to your local shelters if you would like to or there is a PO address on A.C.T.’s official website. Please don’t feel like you have to do that, though. Seriously. Just getting the word out about strays, about TNR, fostering and/or adopting would be wonderful. <>


  • And a reminder: Turn off ad-blockers so you can see the sponser links!

    This is a vital cause. I’ve taken in two strays and adopted my mom’s cat when she needed to transfer to hospice. The one we found recently was on New Year’s day at about five a.m.! This is such a sweet boy and we’re baffled as to why he would be abandoned.

    It breaks my heart that people can treat animals with so little regard.

    Bless you Deb, for this important message…


  • I agree with Chron; this is a vital cause. I donate to our local shelter. They do similar good work, and as a result, we hardly ever have litters of kittens to adopt here in Irvine! That’s a good thing. Full grown cats are placed in homes.

  • Wow, I really destroyed Chiron’s name. Typed right past the ‘i’. Chiron, that was wonderful that you rescued the little male kitten at 5 am on New Years Day.

  • You did a great job on the shelter blog. The cats are so cute. Wish I wasn’t allergic. 🙁


  • I clicked on over. I’m putting together a blog about gifts that give twice for the holidays. Can I donate to your shelter in someone’s name as a Christmas gift? Do you have ecards I can print out to give to the recipient? ( does this wonderfully) My mom loves when I donate to charity in lew of a gift so I always pick charities that are near & dear to her heart and she LOVES cats. She has her downstairs bathroom decorated with cats. I’d like to donate to your shelter in her name and give it a plug on my gift blog when I write it.
    I really admire the work you do Debbie. Great job!

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