Shootings at Theater Nine

I know we’re all stunned by the shooting in Colorado, and that our hearts and healing wishes go out to everyone involved, but I can’t stop thinking that each time we talk about “the victims” we minimize who they were (WERE, not are) as people.

They were daughters, girlfriends, sons, fathers, boyfriends, sisters, brothers. They were special. They were loved.

And now, through some disgusting and senseless act, they are gone, no longer to be hugged, to be part of a conversation, a meal. If we feel gutted by this, just imagine the families of those who were hurt or killed.

There is no punishment harsh enough, no words soothing enough. No logic. It could have been any one of us.

Our hearts ache yet I doubt it helps.

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  • I read a comment somewhere that the reporters need to be focusing on who the victims were and not on the shooter. He doesn’t deserve publicity or acknowledgement. I so agree. Prayers to the survivors and the hurting families.

    • I agree fully. In fact, last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper refused to mention the shooter’s name. He only mentioned names of victims. I applaud him for that.

      I remember the Virginia Tech Massacre and how the shooter’s “manifesto” was published online. Giving it that audience, gave him what he wanted. I think it should have been studied by law enforcement/profilers so they could possibly head off future attacks, but otherwise kept hidden. The public needs some form of explanation of why/who/what and how but I think that can be shared without the name or photo of the murderer. Why give them that publicity? Reduce them to a set of specs so the public gets the closure, of sorts, that we need without giving the murder that much-sought attention.

      But this is all talk and incidentals. It doesn’t heal the gaping wounds.

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