The query ride continues and spring remains just out of reach… two yearnings of mine are, as of yet, unfulfilled. Ah, but I have hope and to aid that hope toward possibility, I have researched more agents and stocked up on wild bird seed. When that request comes through, I want to fling open the windows and hear those songbirds sing! lol.

Until then, I write. I plot and I de-clutter my house.

Daylight savings screwed me out of a few days, but I have to say, I’m kinda likin’ it now. 🙂 The days feel less dreary. The darker mornings are tough but the cats make sure I stumble through them regardless how early it still seems to be. I feed those insistent little creatures, then get on with the day… enjoying the extra hour of daylight when, just a week ago, I would have been feeling as sleepy as the sun settling in the night sky.

The crocuses are peeking through the hard earth, and grape hyacinth greens are standing tall in proud little groups. Soon, my garden will be filled with beautiful purple and yellow spring flowers and the windows in my house will be open to balmy breezes and warm-weather sounds.

Yes. I’m in love with Spring. It invigorates me, excites me, makes me want to get up and DO. We’ll be taking our bikes to the park for lunch and lessons again soon. We’ll be enjoying our tiny yard, fresh air and the company of friends.

Though funds are tight for us and everyone else, there’s one thing we can count on and that’s the newness,  the hope, the fresh-start feeling spring seems to bring.

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  • I remember spring back east with the crocuses shooting up first and then we’d get daffodils and tulips. It really is a beautiful time of year. Good luck with your agent queries.

  • Linda,
    I know I’d love the more dependable weather in warmer states but I’m also pretty sure I’d miss the change of seasons. Of course, once the change is made… I’m always thinking of where else I can be that either not as cold, not as hot or not as wet. lol. Maybe it’s the Gemini in my, I don’t know, but it seems I’m not the easiest person to please. 🙂

  • Happy Spring and Sprouting Crocuses to you, Debbie. And the Forsythia must be coming out, too. I’m getting rid of much clutter also, and it makes me feel invigorated.

  • We’ve had a taste of spring the last couple of days, highs in the 70’s & 80’s. It was so lovely. I miss the warmth. Sigh.

  • Yeah, Beth, and today is cool again. We are such brats to complain!

  • I’m glad it’s spring, too. Everything seems possible in the spring.

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