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Summertime - Debora Dale
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where fear and passion collide
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where fear and passion collide

In the Summertime

Summertime - Rye Playland Marina

My childhood summertime memories are of happy days, full of innocent fun and freedom, when streaks of sunlight would tickle my senses as they filtered through the blinds early each morning and beckon me to rise and get outside to play. The days were deliciously long, and every kid in the neighborhood would be somewhere outside, dreaming, playing ball, riding bikes, telling stories or play acting as cowboys, princesses and even dragons. We’d be out until the street lights came on, then look forward to the next sunrise, the next call for another day of sunshine and fun.


There were always places to go–whether through our imagination or via a spontaneous hop-in-the-car-and-drive adventure with the family.

Summertime Black- and Brown-outs

The A/C would be pumping, the hum of it filling the house. As silly as it might be, that sound still fills me with a sense of calm. An, innocent youth.

But with the hum of air conditioners came the very real chance of a blackout or brownout. One extremely hot July night, while my family had company–neighbors from across the street–all of a sudden, the lamps, TV, A/C…and even the street lights…shut down. Dead. All that existed was black wet heat

There we were, about a dozen of us, locked in a soon-to-be sweltering box of a house. We had a choice. Stay there or go somewhere. The adults chose option two. We piled into two cars and drove to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn where we strolled along the boardwalk and neighborhood. It didn’t cool us off in any way but we made the most of it. And it’s one of the sweet summertime memories I still hold dear. In fact, the memory is so sweet, I choose to revisit Sheepshead Bay every year on my birthday.

Of course, summertime isn’t quite like it used to be anymore, but the memories – and the peaceful feelings they bring – remain.

When Summertime Comes to a CloseSummertime - Rye Playland Pier

I feel sad when summer ends. It feels the way it did all those years ago when it meant we’d soon be saddled with heavy coats, gloves and school bags. When summer ends, I miss the bird songs, the balmy breezes, the flowers…and all the reminders of that most free and innocent time. Of course, the end of summer means the holidays are right around the corner, so that makes up for the end of long warm playful days. Somewhat.

What are some of your happy summer memories? Share some with me on Facebook or Twitter.

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