Sunday Memories

Hubby worked on mother’s day. As a wedding photographer, he’s not available for the Sunday dinners I’m used to having. When I was a kid, Sunday was THE day. “Dinner” was a feast where my mother AND grandmother would cook. The meal would start at noon and last until maybe 2 or 3. Sunday evenings, well, food wasn’t on anyone’s mind so we’d have a ‘light snack’. The light Sunday evening snack I recall most is waffles and ice cream – though I couldn’t have the ice cream because I’m allergic to dairy fat. Still… I love that memory from youth.

I can’t recreate that memory for Daughter since our Sundays are nothing like my childhood Sundays. Instead, we’ve created our own memory. Movie night. Since she was a toddler, and since hubby would always be working the weekends, she and I would sit alone by candle light for a mommy and me dinner of baked ziti – her favorite. Then, we’d make popcorn, snuggle into my bed and watch a new movie of her choice. Sunday nights became OUR night.

This Sunday, Mother’s day, was the same.

During the day, we packed a lunch – grilled eggplant, fresh mozzarella, lettuce and tomato on panini bread – and rode our bikes to the park. I might live in the city, but when I’m in the park, I forget city life. It’s truly a beautiful place. We have a view of the marina and… my favorite… we have the sounds of song birds – nothing soothes me or makes me smile as quickly as songbirds.

I love this view of the park… 

For lunch, we sat by the gazebo overlooking the marina…

Then we rode around the park for about an hour. When we came home, we each took a couple of hours for ourselves – she IM’d friends and played on the computer, I added a page to my WIP. And then, we made dinner together and snuggled in for our movie.

It was a simple day, no balloons, flowers or fanfare, but it was a beautiful day, with no schedule to keep, stress or watching of hours.

My Sundays of today may be very different from my Sundays of yesterday, but I have a feeling it’s the idea of Sunday memories that will create new and exciting ones for Daughter and her family ‘tomorrow’.

What special family memories do you have from your youth? Do you try to create a special memory for your family now?

3 Responses to Sunday Memories

  • Debbie, what a wonderful Mothers’ Day you had with your daughter. The photos of the park and waterfront are lovely. And, those eggplant-vegetarian sandwiches you made–wow, nothing could be more appetizing. I admire families who accommodate each other’s schedules. Sometimes the family meal has to take place on a different day. Like you, Linda, our big family dinners have survived. We love picnics, too.

  • Linda,
    I love that your family gets together to celebrate special occassions. I can just imagine the aroma of home cooking and hear the excited chatter from everyone as they catch up. Lovely tradition.

    It was a wonderful mother’s day. There’s something special about a comfortable and regular routine with someone you love. And you’re right, we’ve gotten used to adjusting our schedules. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 🙂

    Daughter and I do have a pretty good relationship, I must say. Maybe it’s because she’s an ‘only’, I don’t know. What I do know is that I hope for her to take tons of happy memories into her adulthood so she knows what happiness is and refuses to settle for anything less.


  • Ooops. I meant “Sundaes.”

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