2008 elections

The stuff of history

“A skinny black kid from the south side of Chicago” vs. a former first lady… and the ‘skinny black kid’ wins.

Forget where your allegiance lies, this is history.

When Obama and Clinton had their first solo debate we made sure we taped it – to preserve the moment. They were the only candidates left standing and the debate between them – a woman and a black man – was the first in our history. Imagine how it would be if Obama actually chose Clinton as his running mate. There would be no turning back from that forward motion. Young girls – black and white – would be witness to the shattering of that glass ceiling. Indeed, they’ve already witnessed it’s weakening.

But is America, as a whole, ready for a black president? A female president – or vice president? Where I come from, the answer is a resounding, “YES!” Alas, as it’s been pointed out to people from my neck of the woods, New York is not the world and so we must consider the desires of those in the rest of our country. Imagine. 😉

I think it’s safe to say a huge majority of Americans are – and have been – ready for a major change in our leadership. So, assume for a moment Obama and/or Clinton share your political views… or, if you’d rather, imagine a nameless black or female candidate. Do you think this country is ready for that kind of change? Or do you think people will panic at the last moment and vote for the status quo?

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