Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert to join “Queen”?

Queen - '84

QUEEN, for me, is a band fronted by the late, highly energetic, slightly shocking and ultra-talented Freddie Mercury.

Wembly in Color Freddie - Lovely in Red 

Freddie’s presence filled arenas, stole the show from the other talented men in the band. Mention Freddie’s name and most people know his music – Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Somebody to Love and on and on. Mention the other band members by name and fewer people will recognize them, let alone know their compositions. Sad, but true.

QUEEN, as a whole, was a unique and amazing band. The four members worked together to make music that has stood the test of time… and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, Freddie’s been gone for nearly 17 years now. John Deacon, bass player, retired from music soon after, and Roger Taylor and Brian May have continued to tour with the QUEEN name and with another singer – Paul Rodgers of the bands Free and Bad Company.

Paul, in his own right, is a great talent. However, avid QUEEN fans resented him “taking Freddie’s place”, not that any one ever could. QUEEN + Paul Rodgers, as they called themselves, had a great run. They attracted the attention of old fans and new. They’ve brought the music of QUEEN out for live performances again. What QUEEN fan wouldn’t want that?

Of course, we want Freddie. But we can’t have him. Some fans have a hard time understanding that. Some fans feel Brian and Roger should simply give it up. Drop the band’s name and go on performing under a new name. Let QUEEN rest as Freddie rests.

Others, however, are thrilled to hear there might be a new QUEEN + in the works.

QUEEN + Adam Lambert.

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copyright - Yahoo News

I’m an avid Freddie Mercury fan. Freddie’s flamboyant, over the top performances can never be outdone. However, truth be told, I wouldn’t mind hearing Adam sing some of Freddie’s songs. He could do it. He’s got the range and he’s got the guts. Adam with QUEEN just might work, in my opinion, because Adam is that kind of showman. He seems to enjoy prancing around on stage – much like Freddie, only not. He sings high and low notes with amazing ease. He can pump it up to a frenzy and take it down to almost lullaby bliss. He’s high-energy. Shocking. Non-apologetic. Young. Appealing. Controversial.

Sorry QUEEN purists, I think Freddie would be impressed. As would I.

Here’s hoping.

Adam or Kris?

I have to say, I love both of these guys.

I think Kris is the most adorable guy I’ve seen on TV in a very long time. When he sings, I have to smile. He’s just so dang charismatic.

Kris Allen

Adam, on the other hand, doesn’t make me smile as much as gasp. He’s stunning in his confidence and range.Adam Lambert

Okay… so tonight’s the night. One of those two will be crowned the American Idol of 2009. They’re both deserving, in my opinion, but since only one can be crowned… my vote goes to…

Well… let’s break it down…

Kris is sweet. He’s charming and adorable. He’s got a killer smile and an attitude that brings out the mothering instinct in me. His arrangements are fantastic, taking the old and making it fresh while keeping it familiar and classic. That’s a knack not every artist has. So, kudos to him.

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Adam is a force. He comes onto the stage and simply commands it. I. Am. Here. His voice is amazingly powerful and covers a range like few others. In fact, one other artist comes to mind when I hear Adam sing – the incomperable Freddie Mercury. Adam, like Freddie, has a way of making a song sound so easy and yet when you try to sing along, or when you hear another artist try to sing the same piece, and wind up gasping for air or having voice cracks and cringe-worthy pitchiness throughout – you realize the raw talent behind the master.

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The Idol crown, in my opinion, will crush the delicate though talented Kris Allen. Adam, on the other hand, will stand yet taller than he is with it set upon his head. So, yes, my vote goes to Adam. However, I’m pretty certain both men, winner and runner-up, will have plenty of opportunites ahead and long careers in music well after the glow of American Idol has faded.