Kitten update!

The news couldn’t be better for the two kittens I’m fostering. They have a home. A wonderfully loving home – TOGETHER! Friends of ours stopped by the other evening. They’d had a beautiful cat years ago and were now – though I was unaware – in the ‘market’ for another. Well, when they saw these little guys, it was like the Fate’s said, “Here you go! Spread the love and be happy!”

They will give these little guys as many hugs and kisses as we’ve given them during these formative days. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to them but at least I know they’ll be heading off on a wonderful and happy life journey. We’ll have them here until the mid to end of May, though, so by then they might have to pry these kittens from my hands. ūüôā It’s okay. I’ve done and will continue to do what’s necessary to ensure these guys are as social and affectionate as cats can be. I couldn’t be happier to know they’re going together to this particular home.

And in other news… I posted my query to my romance writer’s discussion board and received some fantastic feedback. I wish I’d posted it before I sent it to agents, but there you have it – the way my Gemini mind works is not always logical. So… I’ve revised my query and am ready to send it to the next round of agents when/if my final query and contest entry come back with R’s like the rest of them did.

And in yet other news… the weather here is finally spring-like and I cannot wait to get out into the glorious sunshine. My hope today is that Daughter and I can spend the early afternoon in the park for lunch and some studies. I think photography class should be switched to today so we can take some early spring photos of the park and marina.

Yup. Even with rejections flowing in… life can indeed be good.

Query. Wait. Query. Wait. Wait. Wait.

It’s only been a week, one day and 90 minutes since I sent my query to my dream agent, yet it feels like months. I know, I know. It can be several weeks before I hear anything. I’m just hoping that particular¬†‘anything’¬†I hear¬†is a request for more.

I confess… I only queried one agent. I know putting ‘all of your eggs in one basket’ isn’t the best idea. But, sometimes, there’s simply one basket you like more than the rest. And so… you give it your utmost attention.

I should, however, be spending part of this waiting time researching other agents. I know. And I keep telling that to myself but I’m not acting on it. Does this mean there’s a part of me ignoring probability? A part of me blissfully ignorant to the fact my work might not be requested? <gasp>

Methinks… yes…¬†there is a blissfully – willfully – ignorant side of me thinking – hoping – that very thing.

And so… the waiting continues. And my nails become shorter as I nibble them down. And my cupboards become bare… as I nibble there, too. My fingers, however, remain limber as they work with my muse in tune to the blissful ignorance of their host, and dance upon my keyboard in an effort to create the next work for which I will soon query. Wait. Query. Wait…