Campaigns without attacks

Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing?

Imagine a presidential competition where neither side attacks the other but rather touts their own visions, abilities and history. The media, I believe, is well equipped to fact check it all so why not take the high road? Why not start and follow through with a campaign that can empower the American people? One that can unite us, one that will allow us to disagree without fury.

Sure, there are things about each candidate that we should know. Those things make up their character. They tell us who they were yesterday and who they might be tomorrow.

Take McCain’s oblivion to his wife’s prescription medication addiction. She suffered and he had no clue. That tells me a lot about who he is and what really matters to him. HE matters to him.


But what about Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers? Ayers’ actions were despicable. The idea that he remains unrepentant is worse. I have trouble understanding how a radical such as he is permitted to teach in a university. But does serving on the same board as this man constitute “palling around”? And what of Obama’s worship at Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years? Was there no other church the Obama family could have joined? No way for them to denounce the anti-American rants BEFORE they were brought to Youtube and the world? No matter how it’s spun, that tidbit is disturbing. 


We’ll never see the perfect candidate. We’ll never see a list of qualifications that meet with our hope and expectations. We should demand and receive a certain amount of disclosure, but when the gatherers at one camp shout “terrorist” and “kill him”, I’d say it’s clear we’ve crossed the line.

I fear for this country. The anger stoked by each campaign is fueled not only by their misleading and exaggerated comments but also by the state of the union itself. And somehow, the state of the union seems to have fallen the way of eloquent speeches and desperate rants. We want and deserve more than that. We want action not words. We deserve hope not fear.

Lets hope the American people wise up and unite. The last thing this country needs is more fighting from within. If we’re going to claw our way out of this economy, if we’re going to reconnect with our friends and allies around the world, and if we’re going to earn back some American pride, it has to start with us as individuals, as Americans, as good sports not sore losers or arrogant winners.

In this global climate, almost any new direction can be a good one. Let’s see it that way and work toward rebuilding ourselves and our country by taking the high road ourselves. Maybe, just maybe, the candidates will follow our lead.

Now, wouldn’t that be a lovely thing?

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