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YARD SALE – Fundraiser and more…

 Today is one of our fundraising events for the shelter. These precious kitties need as much as we can give them since we run solely on private donations and volunteer energy. The group has been working tirelessly for a month to get this together and I think it’s going to be great. All the Yard Sale info for today is on our website – A.C.T. 

In other busy news… Some of you might remember I was fostering an adorable kitten that was dumped at the shelter.


She was terrified at first and hid under my sofa for the first two days I had her. After that, she inched her way closer to us and to my other cats. She made our home hers. She traveled from bowl to bowl taking a taste of the other cats’ food, she tried out each and every cat bed, played with all the toys and otherwise took over the house.

Two of my own kitties, Lady and Dobby, wanted nothing to do with her.


Fidget was the one who snuggled with her and did the ‘mommy thing’ by grooming her head to toe.


He’s not a mommy but… hey. That’s the animal world for ya.

And then there’s Ansel. The papa of the group. He’s my biggest and eldest baby. He was as terrified of her as she was of us when she’d first arrived. 🙂 Naturally, when it was time for her to go to her permanent home, he’d finally warmed up to her. (Don’t let the eyes fool you, he IS happy she’s sleeping next to him. Really.)


Letting this little one go was brutally painful. As tiny as she is, she filled our home and our hearts. I know she’s with a great family now and she’ll adjust – probably sooner than I will. She needed to learn how to fit in and get along. And she did. I need to learn how to say goodbye without falling apart. And I didn’t.

Birthdays and Adoptathons!

Every September, the Queens Farm Museum holds their annual Harvest Festival. I have taken Daughter to this festival every year since she was able to walk. For the past four years, she’s invited friends along. Since her birthday is around the same time this is her party. 🙂 Her friends look forward to it almost as much as she does. And to be honest, I look forward to it, too.

This year, the festival will have a double meaning for us. Not only will it be a celebration for Deanna’s birthday with friends she adores, but it will also be a special day for some of our precious shelter cats.

Today, at the Queens Farm Museum, volunteers from A.C.T. (animals can’t talk) animal shelter will be there hosting an adoptathon. (Daughter designed and set up the shelter’s website, btw) It’s a wonderful idea one of our dedicated volunteers came up with and a whole crew of volunteers have offered to help. I cannot wait to see people gravitate toward the adoption table. Our kittens and older cats are so adorable and loving, I don’t know how anyone will be able to resist them.

Of course, there’s a tight screening process potential adoptive parents must endure, but that’s to ensure the safety of our cats. No one will carry a cat away from the farm except the volunteers – back to the shelter. Hopefully, we’ll have names and references and before the week is out, some of these furry babies will pack their belongings and arrive in a happy and loving new home.

What a wonderful birthday gift that would be for Daughter.

That… and a cell phone.

I see it this way… Daughter is now a full fledged teen. A TEEN!!!! She’s been asking for a cell phone for about two years. She’s homeschooled. Hmm. That means she’s around me much of the time. Why on earth would she need a phone? I’m still not clear on the answer to that, but this is a big leap of a birthday and so I relented. It’s time. My little girl is growing up.

She wanted an iPod and a phone, so I got her the Juke phone – music and phone in one. 🙂

She’s going to love it. LOVE. It.

Talk about growing up… her cake is no longer shaped like a teddy bear, a princess or a powerpuff girl. Nope. Instead, this year, her cake will be the same as her gift – a cell phone. I shape and decorate a cake each year according to her interests. Harry Potter was one year, a pirate another. It’s fun to look back on her birthdays, see the cake and be reminded of what occupied her mind during those years. I suppose soon she’ll outgrow the need for a ‘theme’ cake but I’ve a feeling I never will.

When this cake is ready, I’ll post a photo – it’s baking as I type. And if you all behave… I might even post the recipe, which I must say is terribly rich and decadent.

Happy birthday my little one who is not so little anymore.  May you dream without limits and may your every dream come true. (just remember your mother when they do. 😉 )

Hunt and Peck

Well… I’m not exactly “hunting” as I’ve been typing since Mrs. Peters’ class in 7th grade. However, I am “pecking”.

I spent the weekend working on my deck. Yes, hubby powerwashed it all by his lonesome, but it still needed to be water-proofed and stained. We made it a family affair… and I have the sore and tingly wrists to prove it.

Actually, it’s one wrist – the right. Considering I’m a lefty, a weak right wrist shouldn’t matter. Ha! It’s amazing how much more I use my right hand than my left – mainly for anything that needs strength. While the left is more for control. And so, I used the right to lift and push furniture off the deck, to stir the stain and to stain the flower beds and edging with a brush. The repetitive motion and the strain did me in. My wrist is now wrapped in an Ace bandage and I’m babying it as much as I can – which makes typing take forever. Not that it matters because it’ll still ‘talk’ here. 🙂

The deck came out beautifully, in my opinion. The color is so rich – not weathered like it had been for so long. Too long. I’m so happy with it.


Oh! And check out what I found on the seat of a folding chair outside Daughter’s window…

Nope. Not cat-prints. Try… RACCOON PRINTS!!

After putting the deck back in order yesterday, Daughter and I went to the shelter. So from there, I must announce… KITTENS!

They’re precious, of course, but we still have to find homes for them. While there last night, I took some pictures of our newest additions – and some of the older kittens too.


As one of our volunteers said to me the other day, “We have to find homes for them soon because, like it or not, kittens do have a shelf life.” And it’s so true. People want the tiny ones because they look so cute and cuddly. What they don’t realize is that, once you get to know them, the older cats are just as cute and even more in need of cuddling.

Great Shelter News!

What an excellent week last week was for our shelter cats! We had three new adoptions! 😀 The best part is that of the three adoptions, two were of adult cats. ::sigh:: That makes me teary. Is so rare for the older cats to find homes. Like babies in an orphanage, kittens are more likely to be adopted and older cats are likely to spend their lives without a loving home.

This week, however, one very vocal adult male was adopted. He’d been adopted two years ago, but the adoptive parents felt he was too noisy and they brought him back. He was with us again for about four months, and I was worried he’d never have another chance. Well! A couple came in during the week, fell in love with him and his voice and took him home. I’m tearing up now… but from happiness for him.

The kitten was a tiny one. Only about two months old. He’ll be happy in his new home and has not yet developed the bad habits that sometimes get these little ones returned to us… like talking too much.

And finally, the greatest news is that Charlie has been adopted, too. Well… fostered. It’s a trial arrangement. If he and the foster parents are compatible, they’ll make it permanent. Charlie is a lover. Handsome, charming, and just a tad distant. On his terms, you can pet and cuddle him. On his terms, you’ll be sorry for doing so. Think, Mr. Darcy.

In case you’re wondering… Yes. The Charlie I’m speaking of is the same Charlie in the photo from my Whiskers on Kittens post. Isn’t he handsome?

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