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Breastfeeding Baby…. Doll?

I’ll admit it, I’m not a fan of public breast-feeding. There. I said it. Now, does that mean I look on with disdain at women who publicly breastfeed? Hardly. I simply wouldn’t choose to do it. In fact, I was a formula mom from day one and have no complaints or regrets about it. Every woman is different and has to make the choice that best suits her and her family.

Of course, I understand that science feels breast milk is best, and since I am not a scientist or doctor, I wouldn’t dream of arguing the point. All I know is my formula-fed daughter is smart, strong, happy and healthy. I couldn’t ask for more and so I still believe in the power of choice.

Having said all that, I wonder how many people have noticed that there’s been an active campaign in this country to (more than) encourage new mothers to breastfeed their babies. Hospitals have gone as far as to block formula companies from providing new moms with free samples. That’s how I obtained the first case of formula for my daughter.

Well, it seems that campaign has taken off in new, bizarre directions, now targeting not just the new moms of today but also future moms… like moms who won’t be moms for another fifteen years or so. Like future moms who have yet to reach puberty.

What, you must be asking, am I talking about? I’m talking about “bebe Gloton” or the Breast Milk Baby, which is a doll. Yes. A doll for your little girl to play with. This doll comes with a “magic top” that your little girl will put on, and this magic top has special appliques placed just so over her not-yet-there-breasts and when she holds this baby doll up to the applique, it connects with a sensor in the doll’s mouth that causes it to suckle. Yes. Your baby girl will be “nursing” her baby doll.

See here:

I find this to be obnoxious and highly inappropriate. I see it as pushing children into adulthood before they’ve had a chance to be children. I see it as forcing a “choice” on them at an impressionable age, an age where they not only do not understand their future options but shouldn’t even have to be aware of them. And I see it as setting them up for failure if they happen to grow into adults who cannot or choose not to breastfeed. What’s worse, is the statement on the manufacturers website that “God supports the Breast Milk Baby”.

So, I have to ask. If you have children of baby-doll age or know someone who does, would this toy make it to your short list… or to any shopping list? Or are you as turned off by this as I am?


EDIT – I just found a post about the doll at Topless Robot. I thought the post and the comments were quite interesting. Maybe you will, too. Find it here: Topless Robot