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With our country in a recession, with soaring health costs, gas and food prices, and lagging wages, we all need to be extremely careful with extraneous expenses. Well, with Father’s Day here, I found it difficult to locate reasonably priced gifts and impossible to locate gifts NOT made in China.

Yes. I suppose this is a rant.

On CNN not too long ago, Lou Dobbs read an email that was sent to him about this very topic. In the email, a woman complained that she’d had to buy school supplies for her son and that when they left the store loaded with items, the only things NOT made in China were herself and her boy. Something is wrong with this, don’t you think?

China is not a country whose politics or treatment of the public we support. And yet, we cannot go anywhere without the bulk of items for sale being made in China. I’m floored as to why there is not a booming business proudly displaying products as, “Made in America”. And it’s not that I only want American-made products. I’d love to purchase products from France, Sweden… everywhere. Except China. They’ve saturated the market with cheap products – DANGEROUS products, indeed FATAL products. And yet imports from China continue to arrive in this country and around the world.

If the death of thousands of our pets from tainted food made in China isn’t enough to put a stop to this madness, what is? The death of thousands of children from dangerous toys?

What will it take for the people of this country – and others – to demand a choice? I’ve searched online and elsewhere for products not made in China and have found it nearly impossible to locate any.

With the economy the way it is, we need to save our hard-earned cash. Wouldn’t now be a great time to stop buying products made in China and voice our opposition to the imports of those products? I’ve sent emails to each of the online companies I buy from, and I’ve asked them specifically where their products are made. So far, I have received only one automated reply. As more come in, I will let you know which companies sell products solely made in China and which offer products from around the world… including the good ole’ US of A.

What is your take on this? Do you mind buying products Made in China? Are you concerned with the way China has taken over the world’s markets? Are you okay with YOUR cash going to this communist country? What will you  do – or have you done – about it, if anything. Please tell me, because I’d like to know what some of my options are.

No, I want cola.

The images from China this week have been heartbreaking. The devastation is unimaginable, and the loss of lives is shocking… and still rising.

But from this horror, there are amazing stories of survival, which should really come as no surprise since the human spirit is such an amazing and powerful thing.

The earthquake hit just over a week ago. You would think everyone buried under the rubble of their city would have passed on by now. But just yesterday, they pulled a man from the jumble that was once his fertilizer factory. The man’s daughter would not give up on him. She organized a search party of her own and screamed and called for him until, finally, he answered. Stunned, thrilled, all movements ceased and she called out, “Father? Is that you?” To which he replied, “Yes. I’m thirsty.”

I’m thirsty.

100 hours after hearing the man’s voice, soldiers managed to remove him from the rubble, leaving his leg behind, but his spirit in tact.

Further away, three 10-year-old girls were found together under the remnants of their school where so many children perished. All three were rescued – whole. How did they survive – these young children, alone, terrified, injured? How was it possible for them to hang on until they could be plucked from that hell?

They talked to each other. They told jokes and cried. Together. Close to the end, before they knew they would be saved, one girl cied, “I want water.” To which another girl joked, “No. I want cola.”

Maybe there’s something we can learn here, something that can keep us going in our difficult times. Knowing that very little if anything we’ve experienced has been as devastating as what those three girls experienced and survived, has got to give us a boost regardless of the trials ahead.

I’ll remember that young girl’s humor. The next time I whine about something I can’t have, or think a situation is hopeless, I’ll think about that child and how she took a situation where asking and getting the smallest thing was impossible and not only stated what she wanted – not water, cola- but laughed at the absurdity of it. And survived.

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