Back in the New York Groove

When you live in the city, as I do, and your main view is either the concrete building next door or your neighbor’s laundry hanging on the line, you come to appreciate the grandeur of open space… after you get your bearings, that is.

DSC00284 - Copy

Over the summer, I spent time in Colorado. Boulder, Fort Collins, Estes Park, Red Rocks…  They were all magnificent.

DSC00223 - Copy

The open space, for all its wonder, was also a little disconcerting. I’m used to tight streets with cars parked on both sides. I’m used to stop signs and speed bumps. I’m used to waiting 5 minutes for a break in traffic so I can pull out of my own driveway, and I’m used to circling the block several times looking for parking when I shop or visit someone local.

Driving in Colorado was, at first, like driving an SUV after driving a Mini Cooper. All that space! I felt lost and a bit overwhelmed. Until I grew used to it. Then I fell in love.

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Besides the stunning views, I wanted to see wildlife. I’d heard about mountain lions coming into the town (not that I wanted an up-close and personal view of mountain lions), coyotes, wolves, elk and deer. I did see deer while taking a walk on one of the many green-area paths.

DSC00163 - Copy

And one morning, I had the pleasure of seeing this little guy outside my door. I’m sorry about the camera shake. It’s hard to hold a camera steady when you’re laughing. 🙂

But you know, as beautiful as it was there, as spacious and friendly and clean… Dorothy was right. There’s no place like home.

DSC08069 - CopyA New York sunset as seen from my window


DSC00790 - CopyCentral Park

DSC00843 - Copy

  Above and Below – View of NYC from the Observation Deck at 30 Rock

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And of course Times Square. Though not just Times Square, but the very symbol of my city…

NY Diversity - CopyDiversity.

Yes. It took some time to adjust to being home again but I must say, I am now happily back  in the New York groove.

Shootings at Theater Nine

I know we’re all stunned by the shooting in Colorado, and that our hearts and healing wishes go out to everyone involved, but I can’t stop thinking that each time we talk about “the victims” we minimize who they were (WERE, not are) as people.

They were daughters, girlfriends, sons, fathers, boyfriends, sisters, brothers. They were special. They were loved.

And now, through some disgusting and senseless act, they are gone, no longer to be hugged, to be part of a conversation, a meal. If we feel gutted by this, just imagine the families of those who were hurt or killed.

There is no punishment harsh enough, no words soothing enough. No logic. It could have been any one of us.

Our hearts ache yet I doubt it helps.

Days 3 – 5 Colorado

No, I’m no longer there. I’ve been home for a few days now but I didn’t have the chance to tell you about the rest of my trip.

Colorado is a lovely state with unexpected works of art on corners or park benches.


It’s also a pet-friendly state, and it seems almost everyone has a dog. In fact, when you walk through various towns, local shops have filled water bowls outside their doors, and each corner has “doggy” bags and trash cans.

Unfortunately for me, the only animals I saw while there were… well… dogs. 🙁 Now, I love dogs, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to see deer, elk or big-horned sheep. However, the closest I got to any of those was while at the Museum.

It’s okay, actually, because I will be going back. I have family there, after all. And so, my chances of seeing Elk and such will increase with each visit. Of course, so will my chance of seeing a coyote, moutain lion or rattle snake.

Well, wild animals in their natural habitat or not, the land is stunning, the views magnificent and the weather glorious.


Still, there’s no place like home, as they say, and after arriving at the airport at 9:15AM for an 11:15AM flight that didn’t take off until 3:34PM, we were more than happy to see the clear Colorado sky fade to darkness as New York City lights came on below us.


Days 1&2 Colorado

We only have a short time here in Colorado. My entire family lives out here and so it gives us the perfect excuse to pack up and head west. We’ve spent much of the last two days just catching up and planning this weekend. But we’ve also strolled through town to soak up the scenery. 

It’s beautiful here, open space and mountains so high and majestic they give a sense of strength and permanence. There’s a slower pace to the day here. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems people here actually make a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy their time. 

Many of the people take off early on Friday so they can make the most of their weekend. Traffic starts around 3. But you know what? Compared to traffic in New York, the traffic here is like a sneeze. A slight aside and then back to normal. I could get used to this. 

Wherever you look is a breathtaking view. My parents’ house is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Late in the afternoon, a pair of horses and a pair of cows come down from one of the mountains and graze practically in my parents’ backyard. In the wee hours of the morning, elk and deer stroll the gardens. Yes, they damage plants and leave… unwanted ‘gifts’ in unexpected places, but they’re magnificent animals and I’d rather that type of visitor than a raccoon taking over my attic crawl space. :-/

Before I leave here I WILL get a photo of some of these animals. I MUST. If I don’t see them before I leave, I will… just have to come back again. 🙂

Meanwhile, here is the everyday view my parents have from their lovely new home out here in the west – 

And, I have to say, the view from my own little abode in NY is quite different – neighbor’s laundry on the line, phone and electrical wires, etc. – there is nothing quite so unique as what we saw when we left our hotel…

Hello from Colorado!

We took a flight out of NYC yesterday evening around 8 – arriving at the airport by 5. With three different sitters caring for the kitties, we decided to pop out here to visit my family.

We were supposed to land last night at 10 but arrived at 11. Not too bad except we didn’t get to the hotel until after midnight Colorado time and so didn’t sleep until 1 – which was actually 3:00am New York time. 

We’re a little bleary-eyed this morning – ya think? -but with enough coffee and sunshine, we’ll be just fine. 

I’m not sure what sights we’ll be seeing but, as I’m sure you know, I will be posting photos. So stick around and I’ll share this short but sweet adventure with y’all. 🙂

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