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To blog or not to blog

That is the questions, isn’t it?

There just isn’t enough time. There’s so much to say but hardly time to say it. I don’t know how time imploded but, somehow, for me, it did. I find myself rising earlier and earlier each morning, feeding my cats – mine and my foster babies who will remain with me until Mother’s day when they go to their new adoptive home – and then the rush is on. Before I know it, I’m washing the dinner dishes and preparing for bed.

It’s good, I suppose. It means we’re doing a lot with our days. But there doesn’t seem to be time to do some of the more personal things I enjoy – like writing. Whether here or on my story. For some reason, everything writing-related has been pushed aside. I will get back to it, and I will wonder what happened that caused me to stop writing in the first place. But, for now, I must let this blog alone and focus on stretching the hours in my days.

I’ve had a wonderful time here. I’ve loved reading other blogs and commenting. I’ve enjoyed “knowing” my blogging friends. I hope you’re all still putting your heartfelt words out there for others to read and I so hope to join you in that endeavor again.

Until then, thank you for being my online buddies. Thanks for the encouragement when I needed it. And thanks for sharing your own lives here and on your personal blogs. You’ve been my online fun and I know once I close up shop here, I’ll want to come back again full steam.

Because goodbyes are so very difficult, I want to leave you with a smile. As an animal lover AND a Queen fan, this video made me laugh aloud. I hope it will do the same for you. Enjoy!


See you all soon. big-hug

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