QUEEN and Live Aid

Freddie Mercury - Live Aid - Is This The World We CreatedThose who know me know I am an avid QUEEN fan – more specifically, I’m a Freddie Mercury fan. Now, what kind of fan would I be if I let today pass without acknowledging what just might have been Queen’s (and Freddie’s) finest moment? Yes, that would be their performance at Live Aid.

Twenty-five years ago today, Queen took the stage as one of many acts to help stave off famine in Africa. To this day, discussions about Live Aid include some reference to the quality of Queen’s performance. I, as a fan, can’t help but do the same. Their set was tight, high-energy and packed with some of their greatest songs. Freddie’s enthusiasm and connection to the crowd was undeniable and his voice, spot on. He wooed the audience and easily managed to have everyone clapping in unique rhythm to Radio Ga-Ga as if they were all there to see Queen and only Queen.

Perhaps they hadn’t arrived as Queen fans, per se, but certainly they left feeling that way.

And so, for your viewing pleasure, I bring you QUEEN at LIVE AID –

My thanks to Astrolux777 for posting this for all of us to enjoy.


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