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As an animal rescue volunteer, it’s my job to see that our cats are safe, healthy and happy. Whenever I can, I and the other volunteers, spread the word about our cats with the hope we’ll find loving homes for them.


One thing I cannot stress enough is the need for people to spay and neuter their pets. Indeed, if people would trap, neuter and return strays, the situation would be much less severe. Cats are mulitplying in numbers we can’t manage alone. The need for community involvement is vital. It’s also a lot to ask – and we know this. Our job, then, is to educate the community about TNR programs and to get out there ourselves to get it done.  

In order for this to happen, we need funds. It’s simple really. Everything costs money – and these days money is very hard to come by. Which leads me to my shameless plug. I’ve set up a blog about our organization. On the blog are Google ads and Google ads pay pennies per click. If you can find the time to check out the blog, post a comment, click an ad and spread the word to others you might know who are interested, I, the other volunteers and our precious felines would be eternally grateful. A few pennies here, a few more there, and who knows, maybe we can rescue, feed, socialize and find a home for one more lucky cat.

Click the photo below to go to the blog prettyplease… and let me know what you think. Any way I can improve it to bring more traffic is a way I’m willing to try.

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