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Ain’t enough hours in the day…

I didn’t even check to see when I posted here last. I know it’s been a while, though… too long, actually. Life getting in the way and all that.

So what’s been happening here? Well… rejections are flowing in. runny-eggs Two are still out but… well… the odds aren’t so great, now are they? Ah, well. All part of the process.

Besides that, I’m focusing on my newest wip and while it’s slow-going, I don’t mind so much. If I’ve learned anything with the past three stories I’ve written it’s this – better to take time planning than waste time revising.

Meanwhile, it’s kitten season again and the shelter is filling up once more. Just last week, some very kind heart called us to say she rescued 6 kittens who had been stuffed into a paper bag and tossed into a commercial garbage dumpster. Thanks to this wonderful lady who heard their cries and stopped to do something about it, these kittens – all six – are in foster homes where they’re safe, loved and being bottle fed. Soon… if we foster parents can bring ourselves to allow it… they’ll leave our homes and go to new ones. To their very own special families. Until then, we’re feeding them around the clock (I have two, and two other volunteers each have two) and just simply adoring them.

Yes. Giving them up is going to be a very difficult thing to do.

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So… what’s new by you? Have some good news to share? I’d love to hear it. Especially now after receiving not one but two rejections in one day. hissyfit

Back in the Saddle

I fell off my query horse yesterday. Took a nasty tumble. Wounded my pride and my muse. But they’re both fine now… sorta… and I’m back on that persnickety horse, somewhat ready for the rest of this unsteady and indeterminable course. horse

Yes. That means my query was rejected.  drama

And yes… that means I’m sending out more queries. However… not before I revised the original query I sent. I feel very good about how it reads now and will have no doubts when the rejections flow in that they have nothing to do with a poor attempt at selling myself but simply with the fact my idea did not snatch an agent’s overworked attention.

And so, yes again. I’ve made peace with rejection number one and have already sent out query numbers two and three. I am also still plotting my next story, hoping to keep my focus where it counts – on creating not contemplating. And every time I wonder, “Should I send out another query?” I’ll remind myself of something DH said…

“If you don’t do something, then you’ve done nothing.”

He has his moments, but gee, he’s swell sometimes. heartbeat