new blog

New location

I love the look of my original blog. All of my favorite items were there – pictures of my precious pets, my favorite entertainer and my sweet shelter babies. But, I also love the look of this new blog. Warm and homey, it reminds me of a good book, the kind you take with you as you snuggle in for an evening.

I hope my new blog, with its new look, makes you feel welcomed and at ease. I also hope to stop by here regularly. Yes, I’ve been away for a while, only stopping in occasionally over the past couple of months. Maybe the more I come by, the more you will come by as well, and we can chat.

Until then, know I’m behind the scenes trying to work out the kinks still lingering in this new location… and I’m working on my next page turner.

But of course. What else would I be doing, anyway? 😉