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Update – NJ RWA Conference

Well it seems all the plans I was making were for naught.

I’d hoped to attend my first-ever Romance Writers Conference. This one in New Jersey – a smaller, more manageable conference – as a prelude to Nationals. Daughter wanted to come and even hoped to attend some of the workshops with me. It could have been a lot of fun – would have been.

Alas, children under 18 are not permitted to attend the workshops as some content may not be appropriate for that age. Children of that age are not permitted to ‘loiter’ outside the workshop rooms either. And… children under 18 are ‘discouraged’ from attending meals due to past experiences. Now, I’ve never been to a conference so I don’t know what those past experiences were but I picture unruly youngsters running wild. Daughter is mature and well-behaved, but how could they possibly know that?

And so, it seems, the conference for me has been nixed this year. Hubby works weekends – very late into the evening hours – and so wouldn’t be around, and if I’m a state away for two days and a night, who would care for Daughter? She’s mature, but not so much that she can stay on her own for a weekend.


I will stay alert to opportunity, but with time running out to register, I have to say it’s not looking too good.

RWA Conventions ~ To Go or Not To Go

I’ve never attended a Romance Writers of American Convention – neither national nor local. I don’t even belong to a local live chapter. Instead, I belong to three online chapters. Can anyone say, “introvert”?

I love communicating with my online chapter members and do feel as if I know them very well. Wouldn’t I like to meet some of them? Certainly. But leaving my little comfort zone – the spot directly in front of my computer – is somehow less than appealing.

Which is part of the reason I’ve never attended the National Convention. Another reason is cost and another is time. However, another opportunity presents itself annually. I always consider it but never follow through. Will this year be different? Perhaps.

The New Jersey Chapter of RWA has their Put Your Heart in a Book Conference at the Woodbridge Hotel every year in October. New Jersey is home away from home for me – AND the convention is held minutes away from the glorious Woodbridge Mall. <sigh>

There is no airfare involved for me, and Daughter – who will be 13 by then – has expressed a desire to join me. Not only that, but I’ve entered the Put Your Heart in a Book contest and so going to the awards dinner – winner or not – would be a fantastic and glamorous experience. Don’t you think?

So… will I or won’t I, that is the question.

I suppose to decide I will need some input. What are the pros of going and, besides sheer terror with the unfamiliar and overwhelming, what are the cons? Opinions, ladies?

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