pumpkin carving

THIS is the Great Pumpkin!

As many of you know, for the past year, we have had issues with raccoons in our yard, on our porch and in our attic. Well, we believe the attic problem to be solved. Raccoons are still, however, tearing apart our yard in search of food and leaving rather… personal… ‘gifts’ on our porch. 

And so, this year, while in search of a just-right pattern for our annual pumpkin carving night, I happened upon a photo on the web and knew it was THE one. I printed the photo to use as a template, and we did our carving last night. (see our pumpkin photo below)

I wish a happy and safe halloween to all my friends. May the good in you keep things cool while the ghoul in you plays unrestrained.

Pumpkin carving

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