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Secure the Call

How many cell phones have you had since cell phones became the rage? I’ve had two. My first was a “Tandy” from Radio Shack and was the size of a Korean War era walkie. Huge by today’s standards. I owned it about 15 years ago. Not really THAT long.

I now have my first real cell phone, while hubby is on his fourth.  What have we done with all of the old phones? Piled them in a box that’s stored in the garage. How silly is that? Will we ever use them again? Will I ever take out my old Tandy and stroll around with it in public? Not likely. We could simply toss them all but that wouldn’t be wise since another option is so much more logical.

We can donate them. And so can you.

Who couldn’t benefit from a phone these days? I think of my 94 year old grandmother at home alone during the hours my mom endures chemotherapy. I think of the latchkey kid walking home from school during the winter months when darkness comes so early. I think of all the people who did without before who could truly benefit from a phone now. But I hadn’t thought of a specific group of people who could use a phone the most.

Domestic abuse victims.

Secure the Call is a national non-profit organization that takes used and unwanted cell phones and distributes them to those most in need – like those victims of domestic abuse.

You don’t have to worry about data on your phone. You can wipe it clean of contacts before you donate it. But… Secure the Call reprograms every phone they receive and then they convert it into a free 911 phone. Those free 911 phones will then be sent to local communities around the country. Women’s shelters receive them. Senior Citizen centers. Police offices. Secure the Call will even pay for you to ship your phone to them so you don’t have to lay out a dime. OR… you could help save them some much-needed funds and pay for the shipping yourself.

We’ll be sending all of our old phones to them. We’ll also be placing a phone collection box in our office so people who stop in will be made aware of Secure the Call’s program and, hopefully, drop-off their old phones for this very worth while cause.