Summer camp

Summer Camp

For the first time ever, Daughter started summer camp yesterday. It’s just day camp and only for this week and next. It’s a sports camp with swimming included daily. We thought it would be fun – of course we did, why else would we send her? She loves sports and she loves swimming. What better way to spend a couple of weeks than doing what you love with like-minded people? Fun, right?

Apparently not. Or so she said.

Sadly, as this is our first experience with summer camp, we didn’t realize that “3rd session” meant kids had already been attending for the two sessions prior, it’s a continuation, not a 3rd of 4 option. <sigh>

And so, friendships have already been formed and Daughter was the odd one out. Not only that, but the ‘sports’ group she’s in includes four children only and only one of them… that being Daughter… is a girl. 🙁

About three hours into her day, I received a phone call from the University where this is held. It was the nurse. Yes. The nurse. Daughter was hit in the face by a soccer ball. Oh… and a football. She’s fine though…

She was fine – just a black eye. <sniff>

Getting her up this morning to go there again was no easy feat. I hope as the days progress she’ll find a way to enjoy it. This was supposed to be a fun time. Not a punishment or taste of torture.

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