I have crossed the finish line!


You would think when the finish line is in sight, you’d pick up speed, put all the pent-up energy into the drive to get there, raise your arms in triumph and barrel full-speed ahead. There would be a cheer from a crowd of onlookers, confetti maybe, and a trophy, or at the least, a hug and a high five.


My victory – finally typing ‘The End’ in context – wasn’t quite so energized. In fact, it was the polar opposite. Everything led up to those final moments. Final moments when the characters’ struggles had to be shown as worth it, as life-altering.

Stitching those last high-energy scenes together was tedious work. Intense. I spent a lot of time staring unseeing at the blinking cursor, deep in thought, watching the scene play out in my head, forming the perfect string of words to show that scene as I saw it. Burrowing deeper into the minds of my characters than I had in a while. I had to navigate their subconscious, locate their ah-ha moments and then slap them into action, realization. All they’d fought for, all they thought was lost was finally there for the taking. They had only to realize how they got there, what they’d overcome and what it meant for their futures… as individuals and as a couple.

They’re off making love somewhere right now and I’m… left behind to write their synopsis.  <shudder> I need to find a real title, too, and of course, I’ll work on the query. Rejections will start to flow in and I’ll sigh and file them away. But then maybe, just maybe, someone out there will fall in love with my little creation the same way I did. In truth, I hope lots of someones out there will fall in love with it. But then, isn’t that the hope of every writer? Isn’t that why we do this in the first place? To take people into our worlds for just a little while? To take them on an adventure? To surprise them and make them cheer for our characters… and then sigh in satisfaction when they reach the finish line?

If we’ve done our job right, the reader will know that The End is nothing more than a new beginning.  And we, meanwhile, will start the entire process once again.

With the end in sight…

…why am I here blogging?

Seriously. I am up to the final scenes before those two amazing words: THE END

I can’t wait to type them in context. And yet… I’m also afraid to. I’m in love with the story I’m writing. I’m always in love with a story I’m writing. The characters become friends, housemates, secret whispers in my ear at all times of day and night. I see and hear them, feel their angst, their relief. And then… I have to say goodbye to them. It’s a bittersweet moment. 

Maybe that’s why I’m here instead of there. I’ve always had trouble with ‘goodbye’. I suppose I’ll just have to remind myself that ‘goodbye’ won’t really come for quite some time. These characters and their story will stay with me well into this new year. I’ll have to write up an intriguing query and condense my 300-page manuscript down to a 5-page synopsis.  I’ll have to determine which agents I’d like to send that query and synopsis to. And then I’ll have to wait for their reply, hope a request is made…

Funny. Suddenly, the end seems WAY in the future. But that’s okay. It’s the process, and, to be honest, it’s very exciting.

Meanwhile, as far as story goes, I have 15 Chapters and the Epilogue finished. All that’s left is Chapter 16. Yes… I wrote the epilogue before I wrote the climax. <shrug> What can I say, I’m a rule-breaker. And once 16 is complete, I’ll be playing with all the titles I’ve thought of since my working title just isn’t going to do it.

I found a way to distract myself when the writing gets too intense.



I’ll rephrase.

I found a way to procrastinate when I should be writing but am not doing so for whatever reason. It’s this quirky and fun little ‘romance cover’ generator. Too cute. Too addictive.

Here’s the “cover” of “my book” with one of my title ideas…

 taken-at-canyon-road-cover Oooooo! And here’s another one! romance_novel-taken-at-canyon-road-2 

Go play… you, too, can procrastinate like me. 🙂

Oh, and because I just can’t seem to get enough…