US President

That’s the ticket!

                   Senator Joe Biden

Barack Obama and Joe Biden – the next President and Vice President of the USA? I can see how this would be a very strong ticket. Obama would never shake the label of ‘inexperienced’ and so a super pro like Biden with all his experience in foreign affairs is a great balance. Although, naturally, the spin machine will paint this black by saying it proves Obama’s weakness and lack of confidence in this area.

I suppose Obama could have chosen Hillary – as many speculated he might while others prayed on bended knee he wouldn’t. But his message is ‘change’ and change cannot occur if more of the same is added to the mix. Biden’s record is long. He knows the game, but unlike most politicians, he doesn’t play it. As often.

Biden is an in-your-face kind of guy who will say it like he sees it regardless whether you want to hear it.

Obama wanted someone who wasn’t a yes-person? Well, he’s got it in this man. The two, I’m sure, will have many challenging and interesting conversations on policy. Biden is headstrong and not ashamed of it. Obama might be the same way but gives the impression of being open-minded.

I don’t know what the future holds but with the pairing of these two senators, I feel less troubled about the state of the world.  

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