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Teaser Tuesday: Surrender at Canyon Road - Debora Dale
Debora Dale Alt logo
where fear and passion collide
Debora Dale Alt logo
where fear and passion collide

Teaser Tuesday: Surrender at Canyon RoadFor this Teaser Tuesday, here’s a little taste of the terror my heroine is forced to endure in Surrender at Canyon Road (available May 2020!).

Excerpt: Surrender at Canyon Road

With nowhere to go, she shoved the car in reverse, waiting for her chance to escape, a chance that had to come.

Men. Three of them. Two from the SUV at her door, one from the other car at the passenger’s. Why? Damn them! What did they want from her? She stomped on the gas, rammed back into the grill of the SUV, bounced forward. Trapped.

No! No!

They shattered the driver’s window, shards flew everywhere. She covered her face, clenched her eyes. Screamed and fought as hands clutched her and dragged her from the car. She made herself limp and heavy so she couldn’t be lifted.

Then her feet left the ground. “No!”

A hand slapped over her mouth. Another grabbed her wrists, bound them.

Don’t let them take you! Don’t let them take you!

It meant certain death. She wouldn’t let them. Couldn’t. She bucked and kicked but hands were on her everywhere. She couldn’t fight them off. Couldn’t feel the ground.

She was hoisted higher, saw only the sky, then nothing but black as she was shoved into the SUV, face down on leather.

The door slammed. She tried to right herself. Was held in place by a heavy hand at her back.


They were driving. Fast. She heard bits of road kick up beneath them.

No! No, no, no!


Available May, 2020!

Surrender at Canyon Road

To rescue his kidnapped family,
he must force the involvement of an innocent woman
who first fights against him,
then for him,
then with him.