Ten Years On – We Still Grieve

My thanks to Mrs. Dunne and the children of P.S. 31 for their rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance.

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  • Agreed! And for elementary schools that used to have you sing “America: My Country Tis of Thee” before each day. LOVED that song 🙂

    • About two weeks after the Towers fell, my daughter’s elementary school held a ceremony honoring the heroes of 9/11. This recording of them saying the pledge is from that ceremony. I loved it – and was so moved by it. Here were these little kids who could barely pronounce the word, “indivisible”, yet they were waving American flags and saluting the group of first responders who attended. It was so beautiful.

    • I hope we never forget but I do hope we learn. Americans – and much of the world – were united in the months following this attack. Now, we couldn’t be more divided. I think, on top of grieving for those we lost, we must grieve for lost innocence, ignorance and naivete, and move toward healing, accepting and improving. I hope we can, and I hope we can soon.

  • Lovely, Debbie. Thank you for the video.

    • Thank you, Patty. I’m glad you liked it. I hoped to show progress rather than stagnation. The event was horrific and will be forever seared into our minds. But we need to stand up tall now, unite again and forge ahead. With pride and compassion.

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