The Best and Pests of Summer

I wait for the summer. I love it when I can open my windows in the early morning hours and hear the sweet sound of song birds as a balmy breeze gently stirs the window sheers. I love sitting outside on the porch for breakfast and strolling through the neighborhood after dinner. And I love coming back into the house and soaking in that first cool shot from the air conditioners.

Summer is a happy time with sunlight from early morning to early evening. It’s when i want to purge – toss the clutter and make things fresh and airy again. It’s the time for planning new adventures – and taking some.

That’s the best of summer.

The pests of summer, however, are another story.

I’m guessing you know these pests and have done everything in your power to avoid them, nasty little bastards that they are.

Of what am I speaking? Why those disgusting little bloodsuckers, of course – mosquitoes.

I cannot tell you how vicious those beasts have been this year. And they’re so brazen, too! They must be industrial strength mosquitoes, or maybe they’re just shouldering a higher level of New York attitude. I don’t know. What I do know is that I am one big itch. From the center of my back -just out of reach – to the top, bony part of my littlest toes. Yes – toes. Plural. I have no doubt one little beastie strolled from toe to toe taking nibbles as he went. Dang it all. It’s not even a spot you can really dig in and get a satisfying scratch… and yet the itch is torture.

I’m thinking of buying stock in Benadryl cream. Without that, I’m sure I would have scratched myself skinless by now.

How many bites do I have total so far? Try 25. Yes. Twenty-five. And summer is only half over. Not that I want to rush it, you know. I mean, despite the pests, there’s still the best to look forward to.

4 Responses to The Best and Pests of Summer

  • Debbie, hugs on the mosquito bites. The little blood suckers love me, too. I guess we must be sweet, lol. Hope the itch subsides soon. That drives me crazy. And nowadays, with West Nile virus (how the heck did that get across the Atlantic anyway?) mosquito bites are more worrisome than they used to be.


  • I guess we should be thankful we don’t live up north — way far north — where the mosquitos are the size of helicopters and the locals have machine guns to kill them with. But reading your blog makes me itch. Ugh.


  • Lyndi,

    I think you’re right – we ARE sweet. That must be why daughter and I are getting the bites but Hubby’s been left alone. LOL. The West Nile virus scares me, but honestly, I think it’s more frightening when the city flies helicopters over neighborhoods and dowses them with pesticides. They say it’s fine for us, but warn us to stay indoors during spraying. I don’t know… maybe spraying myself with OFF is just as bad. Either way, the mosquitoes are thriving!


  • Linda,
    Machine guns to kill helicopter-sized mosquitoes!! LOL. Love it. And I can imagine how awful the situation must be. Though… I’d expect the air to be dry and cool further north. I was surprised that while in Charleston, with all the humidity and all that swamp land, we weren’t inundated with mosquitoes. No problem there. But we come home to NY and they’re everywhere. Odd.

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