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Christmas Tree

The holidays are coming. There is no holiday more exciting for me than Christmas. I become a kid again at the very thought of it. I romanticize it. There’s a ton of work involved and while I’m in the thick of it, I do grumble. But that passes quickly and I get back to being a happy Santa’s helper.

Since Christmas is so special for me, I like to make it last. Instead of waiting until Christmas week, it’s been a tradition in my home to put up our tree right after Thanksgiving dinner. (Don’t worry – my tree isn’t up yet. The photo above is from last year) That entire weekend is spent decorating the house and setting up the Christmas village. (the rest of the month is spent trying to keep the cats away from said village rolleyes ) The transition from plain to warm and festive always gives me pause. We play, we tease, we exhaust ourselves but it’s all worth it. By the end of Thanksgiving weekend, gifts I’ve already purchased are wrapped and set under the tree and we’ve taken our holiday photo.

Now THAT is an adventure in itself. Cats. Remember – we now have four of them. They’re fine on their own – investigating to their hearts are happy – so happy, in fact, they practically glow. 🙂

Cats' eyes












But, a camera on a tripod scares the willies out of them and so gathering them for a photo op is not the easiest thing to do. In fact, if ever you’ve heard the expression ‘the fur was flying’, well, that certainly applies to those couple of hours in my home when we round them up and try to take that perfect shot. We’re always laughing in the Christmas photo and when we send it as our Christmas card, I’m told those who receive it see the fun – and stress – we had while posing.

Sharing smiles. Sharing warmth. Sharing good food and best wishes. It’s what the season is about. I’ve loved the holidays for as long as I can recall and hope to always feel that hot-toddy warmth deep inside of me each year as it comes around again.

Which holiday is your favorite and why?

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  • I’m getting to like Christmas better all the time because I have made a conscious effort to scale back so it isn’t so stressful but Easter is my favorite holiday. It’s less commercialized and still more of a religious holiday. And it signals the end of winter. Yahoo. A holiday of hope and renewal. Yes, it’s my favorite.


  • I’m really not a holiday person to tell you the truth. I think it’s because holidays growing up weren’t particularly pleasant. There was always an ugly fight because one person (the same person every year) decided to be hateful to someone else (it varied sometimes but usually it was the same person – not me though) and everyone else was told to “be nice” and “not spoil the holiday”. So I’ve kind of adopted the attitude of don’t be nice to me just because you feel you have to, because of the date on the calendar. If you can’t be nice to be the rest of the year, don’t force yourself to because it’s *insert holiday here*. For me, everything always felt forced – I was going places and pretending to enjoy it, when I didn’t. After my mother passed away (and since I was single – and still am), I decided that I didn’t HAVE to go anywhere I didn’t want to and didn’t have to pretend to want to be there and so now I usually stay home on holidays. And enjoy them.

  • Linda,
    I’ve had to scale back, too. I think when we try to do too much and wind up exhausting ourselves, it makes us dread the holiday next time around. I refuse to do that – the holiday season is too special for me. I want it to be exciting and happy each and every year. If I have to do a little less each time to keep it light, then I will. I find a lot of the things I think MUST be done aren’t really necessary. It’s about family, love, and giving from the heart. I do like your description of Easter very much, though. “A holiday of hope and renewal. Beautiful.


  • Laura,
    I’m so sorry your past holiday experiences were so stressed and difficult. It shouldn’t be that way – for holidays or any other day with family. Unfortunately, it’s more common than any of us like to admit.

    I understand what you mean about people being nice because of the date on a calendar but you know what? I don’t mind it. I think many people are genuinely filled with a sense of peace and giving at that time of year and tend to express it. For the phonies… I say let them have the bad day. If they’re pretending, it’s their loss, not mine. Maybe that’s the wrong way to look at it, but it makes me feel better inside and out. I will tell you this, though… I have “virtually” known you for a long time now and truly, if ever you are in my neck of the woods for the holidays, I would love for you to spend some time with my family and me. I promise, the good will you’ll feel will be directly from the heart.


  • Debbie, your tree from last year is lovely. It’s the perfect size, and the red in your drapes and furniture set it off nicely. I have much enthusiasm about Christmas, leaning toward the spiritual aspects, the decorating, and the food served. The material side is overwhelming, and that is why I start shopping early and stay within budget. I started our block party a decade ago, and now I enjoy splitting the work between a couple of friends. For the last several years we have had a pot luck moving dinner. Soon we will set a date and decide who hosts appetizers, main dish, and dessert. I enjoy this so much and adore my neighbors.

  • Linda, I’m sorry about your childhood experiences with a cranky relative. As Confucius say, “one piece of dung spoils the pot of rice.” My parents had to stop inviting Aunt Oleta, a stuffy overly religious woman with a heart of stone. She had everyone’s hot buttons well in mind, and enjoyed starting ill will and general misery. I look back and feel glad that she was dropped from the guest list.

  • I’m not a huge holiday fan. But, Thanksgiving is cool because of the pumpkin pie. Xmas is cool because we cook a lot of food and feast.

  • Riot!
    Pumpkin pie! We wait all year for Entemanns. It’s a tiny little thing – and not inexpensive – but oh so yummy And Christmas… I’m up at dawn to start the cooking and, honestly, I love it. Just the aroma in the house is enough to put me into the holiday spirit.
    Thanks for posting!

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