The new (improved?) My Yahoo

I’ve had Yahoo as my homepage for ages. I’ve customized it to the T – with the colors I like, the content I want to see and the order in which I want to see it. My mail, local weather, lottery numbers and traffic reports are all right there at a glance. The news is there, too – front and center. World news, local news, political news and odd news. You name it, it’s there.

Until today, apparently.

Now, I’m all for keeping up with the times. I’d hate for anyone to be left in the dust as the world around us goes blooey on technology and such. However… when keeping up with the times means revamping everything I’m comfy-cozy with… well… that just pisses me off.

Yahoo? You’ve pissed me off. Royally.

They’ve revamped the entire page. Yes, I can customize it – but not to my specs. To theirs. With all the crap going on in the world, you’d think this ‘upgrade’ and ‘enhancement’ would be a trivial matter. Ah, but to me, having this constant, this simple place to visit each morning as a start to my day, was a comfort. A sign that at least something in the world was unchanged and familiar.

Alas… the unchanged and familiar is no longer so. Yahoo’s new homepage is busy with graphics, displaced modules, and advertisements. Instead of slowly waking to Yahoo news and other features of my pretty purple homepage, I’m greeted with a blitz of visual noise and confusion. So, how did I solve this problem? Well, I’ve reset my homepage from Yahoo’s main page to my inbox page. Yup. Yahoo mail is now my home page. Granted, I can’t see the news or other features but at least when I first go online, I’m not hit with that weapon of mass confusion.

I should probably make this blog my homepage… and in fact, if you soon see a Google search button somewhere over there to the right… well… you’ll know that’s just what I did.

Change? Yeah. Change is good. To a point. I expect at least some say in what that change might be and how it will affect me. I want options. I want choice. Yup. I suppose that sums it up. I’m simply a pro-choice kinda gal.

Sorry Yahoo. You lose.

2 Responses to The new (improved?) My Yahoo

  • Oh that is soooo annoying. I hate when companies “improve” or “update” their programs and software. Itunes is famous for this. They want me to download their “new version” almost everytime I want to download music. The last time they forced me to do it by refusing to let me buy 2 albums because they could only be downloaded with itunes 7.3-hundred-billion (it wasn’t really called that it just felt like that). So I did. And then when #1 son went to transfer the music he bought on his ipod it dumped his whole library! A-nnoy-ing!

  • Arrgh. I must say, though, that I love your phrase “weapons of mass confusion.”

    Calling something “new and improved” doesn’t make it so, to a lot of us. Dang it.

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