To blog or not to blog

That is the questions, isn’t it?

There just isn’t enough time. There’s so much to say but hardly time to say it. I don’t know how time imploded but, somehow, for me, it did. I find myself rising earlier and earlier each morning, feeding my cats – mine and my foster babies who will remain with me until Mother’s day when they go to their new adoptive home – and then the rush is on. Before I know it, I’m washing the dinner dishes and preparing for bed.

It’s good, I suppose. It means we’re doing a lot with our days. But there doesn’t seem to be time to do some of the more personal things I enjoy – like writing. Whether here or on my story. For some reason, everything writing-related has been pushed aside. I will get back to it, and I will wonder what happened that caused me to stop writing in the first place. But, for now, I must let this blog alone and focus on stretching the hours in my days.

I’ve had a wonderful time here. I’ve loved reading other blogs and commenting. I’ve enjoyed “knowing” my blogging friends. I hope you’re all still putting your heartfelt words out there for others to read and I so hope to join you in that endeavor again.

Until then, thank you for being my online buddies. Thanks for the encouragement when I needed it. And thanks for sharing your own lives here and on your personal blogs. You’ve been my online fun and I know once I close up shop here, I’ll want to come back again full steam.

Because goodbyes are so very difficult, I want to leave you with a smile. As an animal lover AND a Queen fan, this video made me laugh aloud. I hope it will do the same for you. Enjoy!


See you all soon. big-hug

5 Responses to To blog or not to blog

  • Cute video.

    As for blogging, I completely understand feeling there isn’t enough time. I haven’t had the time to keep mine up either. It’s not for a lack of blog ideas…it’s just there is no time. I’ve even had to scale back on the blogs I visit. So, I can totally relate. But leave it open to come back to. And if you have time, do some posting. Just don’t let it feel like something you HAVE to do, and thereby something if you don’t do, you feel like you’ve let people down. And if you need anything, we’re here for you!


  • Laura,
    You’re exactly right – it’s not for lack of blog ideas but lack of time. And I have to say you seem to know me very well. Kinda scary, actually. 😉 I do often feel like posting here is something I have to do and am letting people down if/when I don’t. I feel like I’ve made a commitment to be here and to visit others and comment but I’ve not stayed with that commitment. I’m relieved to hear you understand – though I’m sorry you’re in the same time-crunch position as I.

    I will do as you suggest and leave this blog open. For a while anyway. If I don’t come back here within a reasonable amount of time, then I’ll delete it. I’d hate for people to drop in here and see only virtual tumbleweed.

    Thanks for your constant and encouraging support, Laura, it means a lot to me.


  • Debbie, I understand completely. Blogging is fun, but social networking is time consuming, and if we don’t have the time, we just don’t have the time. I’ve cut back on my posts, too, and will probably cut back even more in future.

    I love that video of the parrot though. He was really rocking out. So cute.

    We’ll miss you.

  • Dear dear Debbie, you are a terrific writer, and I wish you the best! You have many talents and do everything with love and a deep sense of humor. Sending a hug!

  • Boy, do I ever understand. But tell ya what. Post when you feel like it. That’s what I do on our old class blog. I think there’s sometimes a good couple of months between my posts.

    Anyway, good luck and good wishes to you and the kitties.

    And thanks for Snowball! 🙂

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